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Mere Sai 28th November 2017 Written Update

Kulkarni comes to field and sees Appa ji’s field fine. He then sees Sai and Rano ji going from there far. He says Rano ji’s disease stopped and scolds Anta and Banta for lying to him. He asks them to keep an eye on Sai and enquire if he is doing magic, black magic etc. Anta and Banta say ok. Kulkarni threatens them. He says once I come to know that Sai is doing black magic, I will teach him a lesson. Sai applies medicine to Rano ji. Anta and Banta come to Sai’s place and see ghee and green paste. Anta says he thought Sai calls ghost, but he is treating him.

Bayaza comes there and says she brought food for them. Sai says I want Chakki. Bayaza gets thinking and says although they have short of grains, but she can take care of him. Sai says he needs Chakki for Rano ji, so that he can go in
the morning to get the herbs and make paste. Anta and Banta hears him and follow him in the morning. Anta and Banta recalls Kulkarni’s warning and get scared. Sai comes inside the jungle and gets the medicinal plants. Anta and Banta come there, and thinks he is taking herbs from here. He looks at the plants and think Sai haven’t taken anything. Sai then takes tree barks and goes. Anta and Banta get confused and clueless. They look for Sai. Sai smiles and looks at them who are searching for him. They turn, but couldn’t see Sai. Then they see Sai going. Anta says how we will know what he has taken.

Banta and Anta come to Kulkarni and shows the grass/plants/herbs which they have brought from jungle. He says Sai was picking something from this. Kulkarni says half of it is a grass and asks what is the medicine in it. He checks it. Banta says we shall leave else he will punish us. Kulkarni reads the book and checks the plants all day. In the night, Rukmini comes and asks him to have food. Kulkarni says I will not have anything until my curiosity goes. He asks her not to come there. He thinks there is no medicine in these plants and thinks Sai is hiding something which I will find out.

He comes to the jungle late at night. Sai comes and asks what is he searching and asks can I help you? Kulkarni thinks how did he know why I have come here and refuses to take his help. Sai tells that knowledge can be taken from anyone and there is no insult. He says it gets increases with sharing. Kulkarni removes his shawl and says this is my Shirdi and my jungle, and if you gets something here, then I have right on it. Sai says if you have right then why you don’t know and why you are searching.

Kulkarni says just because there is no such medicine and says he read all shashtra. Sai says may be you haven’t understood its meaning. Kulkarni says may be you are afraid of me and is not treating the villagers, but doing black magic and saved Appa’s field. Sai says it is magic. Kulkarni laughs and says I knew it. Sai says this magic name is love and says it stays in my heart and its strength is in people’s trust and patience. Kulkarni says you talks nicely and asks him to say if he wants to be popular, stronger or gets his position. He asks him to tell today. Sai says you boycotted me, then also you have no peace and trying to solve your worry.

Kulkarni burns the forest to stop Sai from treating villagers. Sai looks on.

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