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Mahek 28th November 2017 Written Update: Mandhar Arrested!

Scene 1
Police arrests Mandhar. Julie comes and says my son didn’t doo anything. Mandhar says to Mahek you did this with Shaurya so you can go to him. Julie says you have ruined our house. You are going with that shaurya and planned all that. Mahek says don’t accuse me of that. My family is the most important to me.

Archie sits next to Shaurya. She says you look better now. you have accepted the reality. You are free of the illusion that Vandana is Mahek. She says you tension worried me. Shaurya says excuse me and leaves. Archie says where are you going? He says for work. I want to focus on work. She syas lets make space for new things in business. She says wear this coat it will suit you. He wears the other one and ignores her.

Jevan comes and tells everyone that Mandhar
was arrested. He says to Kanta do you know anything about it? She says no but he deserved it.
Vicky brings the inspector to Shaurya. He says I am looking after Mandhar’s case.
Later that inspector comes to Mandhar and beats him. He says how dare you harm a child and do all that drama. He and constables beat Mandhar. He sends the video to Shaurya. Shaurya talks to Maandhar and says how are you? You tried to kill a child? now see what I do.

Scene 2
Someone knocks on the door. Mahek opens the door. Its Mandhar. Julie says thank God they left you. He screams. He says my whole body is bruised. Mahek says let me bring warm water. Julie does his bandage.

Next morning, Mandhar is asleep. Police comes again. He says is he better now? We have to arrest him again. Mandhar says why you left me then? Inspector says have to serve you. Mahek says please stop. Police takes him. Mahek comes to police station. She says take all this money and leave him. Inspector says don’t bribe us.
Julie says to Mahek you did all this. Mahek says he kidnapped me and you all couldn’t do anything. And then he used my son. I promise you I will get him out of here in 24 hours.

Mahek tries to hire a lawyer but no one takes her case. Shaurya and vicky are making sure no one takes her case. Kanta says you are Mahek. You slapped the shaurya who helped your family. Did he harm you no? Why were not happy marrying Mandhar again? Why were you not happy? You know Mandhar is fooling you. He isn’t your husband. You know that it was not Shaurya’a Mahek. Mahek says for now please help me.
Shaurya calls Ravi and tells him something. Ravi says only Khuraana can take this case.
Mahek comes to Khurana. Khurana says I will only take this case if Shaurya agrees. mahek comes to Shaurya. Neev says please help us hero. Please help my mom. Julie says please help us. Karuna says you people stay away from us. Shaurya says you slapped me and said you don’t wanna see my face. Why would I help such people?

Precap-Shaurya says to Mahek I will help you. Khurana will fight your case but one a condition. Mahek says what?

Written Update by Atiba

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