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Mahakaali 24th September 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Parvati takes birth in a child near sea. A man sees her crying in the basket. He picks her up. He says who left this baby here. He says I think I will have to take care of her.

Shumbh says Mahadev must be weak now. Parvati has left him. Nishumbh says now we can control over everything. We will attack Kelash. shumbh says Parvati would now consider herself a common woman. We have to kill her and the Mahakali inside her.
Shiv recalls Parvti leaving. KArtika comes and says why did you not stop ma. I will never forgive you. You don’t love me. You could have stopped this. What about a son who saw his mother being punished for no reason. This is not justice. The mistake was mine. Shiv says you will understand when you calm down. Kartika says what should I do now. I dont
know when will I see my mom back. Shiv says when you couldn’t kill Kalkasur your mom was there. when you killed Indra your mom took your punishemtn. Everything kids do relates to their parents. Your mom will come back. Kartika says I can’t accept this. I want to be punished. Punish me for my and your mistake. Shiv says you can’t understand why is this happening.

Parvati grows up in that man’s house. Shumbh Nishumbh look for her. He is a saior. She says I want to go on fishing with you.
Parvati is grown up. she comes a pooja. She makes the poor child eat. She says these kids are Gods.
She says this what God would want to. Her father says we were also praying for something. He says you are becoming Parvati. She says where is my Mahadev then. He says I will find you.
Parvati is all grown up. She sees Shiv in a temple. She says who are you. She says I can’t talk to a stranger. He says I am here to make you Parvati. Go and tell your dad that there is a solution that can this village. She says whats your name? He says Ashotosh. She says that is Shiv’s name as well. Parvati leaves. She serves him food. Shiv solves the problem of the people.
Kartika coems there too. Ashotosh says this is like my son. Parvati looks at him.
Shiv tells people story of him and parvati. There is light around parvati. Everyone sees her nine faces.

Maheshasur is gettignr eady to attack Kelash.
Shiv says when story ends other starts. This story is of Parvatti.

No Precap

Written Update by Atiba

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