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Mahakaali 19th November 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Ganesh says to Kartika I will give you my modak. He laughs. Parvati and shiv smile too. Parvati recalls Andhak’s words. Shiv says you have to be strong. Andhak had to go from Kelash. It was important for everyone. She sayas when I see these two together it becomes impossible not to miss him. I wish Andhak was also with Ganesha nd Kartika.

Guru dev si doing mantra. ANdhak says I want to say something. Kartika will leave Kelash. He says the moment you entered Patallok I knew you are son of Mahadev. I know what are you trying to do. What happened with you was wrong but you want to do wrong as well. Andhka syas your past makes your future. Your and my mission is same. We both didn’t get what was ours. I didn’t get the happiness that was mine. if you don’t wanna
help me then I will go from here. He says stop Andhak. You don’t have to go anywhere. I will give you the power.

Scene 2
Shiv says to Vishnu the time has started which will come off as the greatest trouble for Mahakali. This is trouble for us as well. This time she will be tested by whole universe. Vishnu says I can’t even see what will be after this darkness. Shiv says amrit will bring the light but before that there iss a lot of darkness. Guru ji says to Parvati because of your presence this fire has lit.
Guru says I have decided that I will give this power to the devs. Andhak is dazed. The other guru says this si not fair Rishiwar. Rishiwar says my inner self tells me the Andhak is not capable enough to take this power. Rishiwar says to Vishnu please ask Indra to come and taake this power from me. SHiv says to Vishnu I hope you know what you have to do.

Vishnu comes to Indra. Vishnu tells him that the yagga didn’t complete. THere was no weapon made from it. Indra says so that power will be given to devtas? Vishnu nods. Indra says why are you worried? Vishnu says Rishi has decided to give give that power to devtas and he wants you to take it. I want to give you a suggestion before you go there. When you take that power be careful. Anything can be happen. Indra says I didn’t get what you said. Vishnhu says it will decided that whether that power will be good for universe or not. Be careful when you talk to him. Indra says I will keep that in mind. Vishnu says to Shiv this is all we could do Mahadev.

Parvati says to Andhak words make you what you are. Always know your deeds represent who you are. Are you getting I am saying? Shiv says today you mom saved you from Rishi. In future you have to be careful. Andhak ssays will you not come to meet me? Parvati says I always want to meet you. You are being trained. So its not good for me to come there. Guru dev syas thank you for coming. He says lets go Andhak. Paravti says today a great trouble went away. For a moment I thought my son was with Rishi. On time you handle everything. Let me talk to Lakshmi. She was really worried. Shiv says without sacrifice no trouble is gone. Its about time for that sacrifice.

Precap-Devta’s got sharpt. Maahdev goes to river.
Kali has to protect shiv.

Written Update by Atiba

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