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Laado 30th January 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anu coming to Dadi and asks why you started walking on the way which you have left, and asks her to trust her. Amma ji says I trust you fully. Anu asks why your breathe is breaking and asks her to come home, it is getting late. Amma ji says it is too late and falls down. Anu is shocked to see Yuvraj holding blood soaked knife. Amma ji thinks of Janvi. Anu asks Amma ji if she is fine and asks Yuvraj why did he stab her. She says now there is no difference between you and her. Yuvraj says as you sow so you reap, I don’t have time to reply. He goes towards Balwant. Anu tells Amma ji that she will take her to hospital. She shouts calling Saroja and Jaydev. Surprisingly Balwant is still alive and appreciates Yuvraj for stabbing Amma ji. Yuvraj takes Balwant and runs.

Ranveer tells Rantej that they shouldn’t have let Balwant there. Rantej says if we had stopped then she would have killed all of us. He says he has done this to save themselves and asks them not to tell anyone about it. They come inside house. Malhari hugs her sons. Tej hugs Dushyant. Rajjo asks where is Balwant? Rantej says there was much crowd there and Balwant asked them to leave, and he will come.

Malhari asks why did you leave him. Yuvraj calls Komal and tells Amma ji shot Balwant, he is taking him to hospital and asks her to bring everyone there. Komal tells them. Malhari gets shocked and sits down. Rantej tells that they will stay at home being scared of Amma ji. Rajjo asks Rantej to come. He says ok. They leave.

Anu brings Amma ji to hospital and calls doctors and nurses, but nobody talks to her. Nurse tells her this hospital is made by Balwant Chaudhary and Amma ji will not be treated here. Saroja says we shall take her to other hospital. Anu says it is far. She talks to her friend who helps Anushka and talks to Dean of the hospital. Doctor comes and checks Amma ji, says she is critical. Amma ji holds Anu’s hand and apologizes. She faints and closes her eyes. Anu is shocked. Malhari cries. Rajjo and Dushyant tell her that Balwant will be fine. Doctor checks her and says she is no more. Anu gets shocked and calls her Dadi. She cries and reminisces the happy moments. Saroja and Jaydev thinks of their moments with her.

Anu cries and says no. She asks Amma ji not to die and says I am alone after Janvi left. She asks her to get up and reminds of her promise. Doctor asks Nurse to note down her death time and make the death certificate ready. Anu cries. Amma ji again takes breath. Anu tells Doctor that she is breathing. Doctor checks and says she is breathing.

Anu tells Yuvraj that his crime will make him pay big and says you will see only ashes in whole Veerpur.

Written Update by H Hasan

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