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Laado 29th November 2017 Written Update: Amma Ji Strengthens Revti’s Lost Courage, Dhoomal Gives Up Infront Of Balwant

The Episode starts with Amma ji asking people on road why they are standing in shock and takes the dupatta and covers Revti’s nude body. Revti cries hugging her. Amma ji says I will take you to doctor. Revti says they haven’t touched me, but made me unclothed and sent me here. Amma ji reads the message on Revti’s hand in which balwant Chaudhary asks Dhoomal to handover Amma ji to him else they will do the same thing with other Garibpur girls too. She thinks one more janvi. Revti says she pleaded infront of them to give her clothes, but they didn’t give and threw her here. Amma ji asks her not to feel ashamed and asks her to see looking in her eyes, and says those people shall be ashamed who had done this and those who are watching you in this condition. She asks Sunehri to take her inside. Sunehri
takes her inside. Amma ji tells Villagers that they were standing aloof as Revti is having some disease. She says if you stand silent like this, then Balwant Chaudhary’s goons will do such things with other girls. Dhoomal asks Amma ji to pack her bag and leave.

Rantej shows the video in which his goons were unclothing Revti to Balwant and Dushyant. They enjoy seeing it. Balwant says he is proud on his son. Hearing Yuvraj coming, Balwant asks Rantej to show smart city plan to Yuvraj. Yuvraj enters and says Tau ji. Dhoomal tells that they were living with peace until Amma ji came here, and says I would have handed you over to him and asks him to go. He says I can’t risk my village for you. Amma ji says you got scared of balwant chaudhary. Dhoomal says he is shocked as he couldn’t save respect of his village girl. He asks why did you come here in this age, may be because your grand daughter got killed here. Saroja says Bhagwani devi is their guest and nobody can ask her to go. Jaydev and Sukhdev support Saroja and says Amma ji will not go. Dhoomal asks his men to make her leave. Amma ji shoots gun in fire and asks Dhoomal to get his moustache cut and warns him. Dhoomal goes angrily.

Yuvraj informs Balwant and others about goons molesting girl. They all act to be surprised. Yuvraj suspects Rantej and says I will not leave you if you are behind it. Balwant tells that if Rantej does something then he will punish him. Yuvraj says you are Veerpur’s hope and asks him to do something soon. Anu in her lodge tries to repair Revti’s cycle and gives up as the cycle is broken much. She looks at Janvi’s pic and thinks she will repair the cycle and thinks she is feeling relation with her. Malhari, Balwant and Rajjo are having food. Balwant says you wants to say that Dhoomal will plan attack. Rajjo says Dhoomal must be afraid of him. Malhari says it seems she will rule on Veerpur after you. Rajjo says they have same blood. Ranveer comes and says Dhoomal came to meet him. Balwant appreciates Rajjo’s thinking. Balwant Chaudhary asks him to sit, just as Dhoomal is about to sit, Balwant asks him to sit beside Ranveer’s shoes. Dhoomal sits down on floor beside Ranveer’s shoes. Dhoomal gives him Garibpur control and asks him to take Amma ji from there, but don’t do anything with Garibpur women. Balwant looks on.

Balwant Chaudhary come to Garibpur while Amma ji is doing pooja keeping Janvi’s pic. He is shocked to see her face and says Amma ji. Amma ji says my destiny decision will be taken by God, but I will decide about your destiny, either I will change it or smash it. Amma ji plays…

Written Update by H Hasan

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