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Laado 28th November 2017 Written Update: Rantej’s Goons Molest Garibpur Girl

The Episode starts with Rantej meeting Sheru outside the prison and says he came to welcome him and says you kidnaps girls for us. He says he will change Garibpur name, then only the woman will be shock. Anu comes to the shop and says I got rice from the shop and it had insects. Shop keeper says I saw you for first time and asks when did you buy rice from my shop. Anu says she was checking his memory and shows Janvi’s pic. She asks him to tell about the rapists and murderers. Shop keeper asks her not to put her head in the blender. Anu says she will call commissioner. He says he has many contacts. He says Veerpur guys will make your chutni and calls someone. Anu gets scared and thinks he must be calling the goon. Rantej talks to someone and says that girl shall be punished. He asks his servant to get
water for his bath. Yuvraj comes there and says shop keeper called him as you threatened him about police commissioner. Shop keeper says I haven’t seen anything. Anu gets angry. Yuvraj asks her to calm down. Shop keeper asks do you know her. Yuvraj says he met her a couple of times.

Yuvraj asks him if he really saw Janvi. Shop keeper says he saw her walking on the road in extremely bad state. Anu gets emotional. Yuvraj asks Anu to give some time to Inspector. They argue like always. Servant calls Yuvraj and tells that Garibpur’s girl is going to be raped in jungle. Yuvraj asks who is there. Servant cuts the call. Yuvraj worriedly sits on his bike. Anu also sits on his bike. Revti is going on her cycle and sees the road block. Sheru and his goons come there. Sheru says you are looking as butterfly. Revti says she is from Garibpur and says if you touch me then Dhoomal pehalwan and his men will beat you. Sheru says we will not touch you, but will enjoy without it. They all laugh. Revti gets tensed. Yuvraj comes to the jungle and looks for the goons. Revti asks them to move back.

Sheru says Rantej told me not to touch you, but eat with eyes. They say they will unclothe her and then only Dhoomal Pehalwan will see the result. They take off her dupatta. Yuvraj hears the sound from far and looks around. Servant calls Yuvraj again and says sorry for giving him wrong info about the place, and says they have done kand with the girl. Yuvraj hears Revti’s screams. Servant turns and laughs seeing Rantej. Rantej applauds him for his acting and says arrow hit the aim. Yuvraj and Anu come to the place and see the clothes, broken bangles and cycle. Yuvraj shouts No…and cries. Anu picks the dupatta and recalls Janvi’s words. Anu asks Yuvraj did you know this girl. Yuvraj says she is from Garibpur. Anu asks why did that man mislead you. Yuvraj says I don’t know and tells her that situation is getting worse day by day and says today itself you will go to Delhi.

Saroja tells Amma ji about blasting at Balwant’s place. Amma ji says she will get revenge when Janvi’s criminals will be punished. Saroja says this blast might change Veerpur again. Amma ji says I have come here to change Veerpur. Sunehri comes there and tells shockingly about Revti. They go out. Revti walks in the village nude. Everyone is shocked and turns their faces rather than covering her. Dhoomal comes and asks what happened. He gets shocked seeing her nude and turns her face. Amma ji and Saroja come there and get shocked too.

Ammi ji reads message on Revti’s hand in which the goons asked them to handover Amma ji to them, else they will do same thing with one girl daily. Dhoomal gets helpless and comes to Balwant. He asks him not to let anything happen to his village girls and says you can get Amma ji anytime and gives Garibpur powers to him. Balwant gets happy.

Written Update by H Hasan

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