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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th August 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum checking Kunti’s temperature and says it is 100. Balwant says it is good else you would have distributed kheer puris. Kusum says mum’s age is about to finish and says Bhaiyya is in shock as he has to stay with five wives now. Kunti says she is still alive. Kanhaiya says how I will handle five. Kunti says are you mad? Kanhaiya says Shiv ji told that 4 will come. Kunti says no saas can handle 5 bahus. Balwant says bua have 5 bahus. Kunti says 5 bahus of 5 sons. Pari comes and says tea. She says she made green tea for her. Kunti asks why did you put so much efforts. Pari says she made it for her facebook status. Kunti takes a sip and asks what did you add in it. Pari says neem leaves. Kunti gets shocked and asks her to go and play outside. Pari asks what? Kunti
asks her to sit in bus and go somewhere. Pari asks her to drink tea made by her. Kanhaiya asks her not to worry and says it is in their hands not to marry any girl now. Later Kanhaiya calls Balwant. Balwant says he got Dilip Kumar’s role. Kunti asks where is he going? He says today is committee election.

Kunti says you will not go anywhere. Kanhaiya says he is candidate for election. Kunti asks him not to go anywhere where marriage is happening. Pari comes and asks him to have chocolate before going. Kunti says dahi and curd shall be given. Pari says it is made from milk. Kanhaiya says ok and takes chocolate. Kunti looks on surprised. Kanhaiya goes with Balwan.

At election’s place, Pandey wishes Kanhaiya for the marriage and says we are sure that you will win. Goon comes there and asks where is kanhaiya. He shouts at his ears. Bullet goes passes his ears and he becomes deaf. Goons kidnaps Kanhaiya. Balwant tells Kunti that Kanhaiya is kidnapped. Pari says what she will write in status.

Kunti asks them to shut up. Pandey tells that Kanhaiya won the saree committee election again, but was kidnapped. Kunti cries for kanhaiya. The goons get Kanhaiya married by blindfolding him. Kanhaiya can’t hear anything. His new inlaws congratulate him for the wedding. Kanhaiya asks what you are saying? Goon says now you are husband of our niece Prathana. Kanhaiya says her husband. Goon says husband of Panjiri also. Kanhaiya is shocked. Goon’s wife tells that he has become jamai. Goon tells Kanhaiya that Shiv ji came in his dream and asks him to get their nieces married to Kanhaiya. He says everyone got the same dream. Kanhaiya says this is wrong and asks Pandit ji if he can take reverse rounds. Pandit ji says no. Kanhaiya sees Lord Shiva there.

God Shiva comes to Parvati. Parvati asks why he gave boon of 5 wives to Kanhaiya. God Shiva says it is kunti’s greed and the new girls’ destiny. Prathana says now time has come for her puja and asks them to close the windows else mosquitoes will come inside. Panjiri says Didi does puja at 6 times a day. Prathana tells Panjiri makes tea for 12 days a time. She speaks in pure hindi and says whenever she goes to kitchen, people asks her to make more tea. Panjiri asks her to ask Kunti when she can enter kitchen.

Kunti asks them to go home and says Kanhaiya is married. Panjiri and Prathana tell that Kanhaiya is already married. Kanhaiya says you have no problem. They say no and tells that God Shiva asked them to stay as sisters. Kanhaiya asks Pari if she has problem. Pari says yesterday you married me and now brought these two. She says marriage is between two people. God Shiva passes from there. Pari says she has no problem and hugs the sisters….says when these sisters have no problem then I have no problem too. She takes selfie with them. Balwant says you will say I love you three now. Kusum says I love you 5.

Kunti asks Kanhaiya why did he bring bahu from Chaurasiya. The 4th bahu talks in foreign accent and says pale lago sasumaa.

Written Update by H Hasan

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