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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st September 2017 Written Update: Kunti Finds Dosh In Herself

The Episode starts with Kunti telling Guru ji that no doshi bahu danced last night and says even your second plan flopped. She asks him to show some way. Guruji says where is Kanhaiya, he don’t trust me. Pratap says we have sent him with bahus so that we can talk to him. They ask him to give something new. He gives Jamuria and asks her to spin it on bahus’ head and the doshit bahu will react. Kunti takes it. Kanhaiya asks Kunti what is this? Pratap says the doshit bahu will get angry. Kanhaiya says they will get angry if they come to now about your plan. Kunti says they will not let her know. Kunti comes to Pratibha to spin the spinner on her head, but she sees her and asks what they are doing. Pratap says money and asks her to go, says they will search. She says she will see which
bahu will react. She comes to Pari and sees her resting after applying face mask and cucumber. Kunti tries to rotates the spinner, but Pari sneezes. Pratap gives her cucumber. Kunti says she came to take selfie with her. Pari gets happy and takes selfie with her. Kunti gets angry and goes.

Pratap gathers everyone and tells that Sasumaa’s relative died. He over acts. Kunti asks him to say clearly. Pratap says he got into the skin of the character. He says we will remember and mourn for him silently for 5 mins. Kunti asks them to keep the eyes clothes. Pari says but can we get break to talk. Pratap says I can’t do now. Kunti says even I can’t do. Kanhaiya asks them to keep eyes closed for 5 mins. They all close their eyes. Pari says if I get thirsty, then what I will do. Kunti says I will get well for you. Pari and others close their eyes. Kunti searches for the spinner. Kanhaiya gets it for her. Kunti spins on 3 bahus’ head. Pratibha says 5 mins is up. They turn and see Kunti standing on the chair. Pari says statue of liberty. Kunti shouts Chacha ji.

In room, Kunti tells Pratap that spinning on head is easy, but she couldn’t do on all bahus’ head. She spins 5 times on herself head and gets angry on Kanhaiya and his 5 wives. She gets much angry. Pratap and Kanhaiya asking her to calm down. Pratap says you have spinned jamoria on self head and immediately got angry. Bahus come and asks why you shouted. Kunti says I am inauspicious for you and apologizes to all bahus, and says she herself is trouble, feels guilty. Kunti decides to leave the house. Kanhaiya and Pratap try to stop her. He says my shop will not run well if you go. Khatru calls him and gives good news. Kanhaiya tells Kunti that bridge will be build on some other place and now shop don’t need to break. Kunti says let me go.

Panjiri asks Guru to tell some solution. Guru ji asks them to do yagya. Kanhaiya says he will do. Pratibha says she brought someone who can help sasumaa.

Written Update by H Hasan

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