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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st November 2017 Written Update: Kunti Gets Delighted Seeing Bahus’ Caring For Her

The Episode starts with all bahus thinking Kunti dead and cry hugging her. Kunti pushes them on floor. Pari says you are alive. Kunti says I would have died if you all have held me together. Pratibha says she is playing timepass game. Kunti asks if they want to take off her rings. They say no. They ask why did you sleep now? Kunti says Sarla made her walk more and that’s why she got tired and took a quick nap. They all care for Kunti. Kunti asks if they want pocket money or keys. They all say maa..maiyya. Kunti asks why you are mourning. Pratibha says maiyya is fine. Panjiri says what will happen tomorrow. Pratibha says we have to take care of her. They all decide to take care of her all moment. Pratibha says we will take care of her and will not let her alone. Prathana says ok. Panjiri
asks yamraj to come after 7 days or don’t come. Pari asks who is yamraj? Panjiri says he is yam log’s king. Pari says I don’t know. Prema says we have to take care of him. Pari jokes.

Kunti prays to Shiv ji and asks him to make her bahus take care of her. Panjiri brings Palak and says as you likes it, I will make many dishes and counts the dishes. Kunti says I said I like it, but haven’t said that I will have it for many days. She says she likes Bhindi also. Panjiri asks her to tell what she wants to have it. Kunti asks if she left didi bhakti. Panjiri says she became sasumaa bhak and asks her to tell 10 dishes to be made. Kunti tells the dishes. Panjiri says everyone will take care of you and will listen to you. Kunti gets happy and hugs her. She thinks Shiv ji fulfilled her wish.

Pari gets ready with Kunti’s medicines. Pratap comes there as yamraj. Pari asks who is he? Pratap says he is yamraj and came to have palak made by panjiri. Pari asks really. Pratap says he is yamraj and came to get Kunti. Pari says you are yamlog raja and asks him not to take kunti. She says I will give you bribe and gives the tablet. Pratap eats it and says he will take Kunti. Kunti comes there. Pari hides Kunti with her saree pallu. Kanhaiya comes and calls him jije. Kunti asks can’t you identify him. Pari says she was doubtful but….Kanhaiya asks why did he wear yamraj’s clothes. Pratap says he is doing two roles in the play. Kanhaiya takes him to shop. Pari tells Kunti that when Pratap was shouting kunti kunti…she got scared and thought they can’t see her again in the house. She says how can we let you go as we haven’t taken care of you. Kunti gets happy and hugs her, thinks God has done something.

Panjiri tells Pratibha and prema that they shall take care of Kunti before she dies. Pratibha asks who went to bring her. Pari and prathana bring Kunti to dining table. Kunti gets happy seeing various dishes. Kunti thinks bahus are taking care of her much. Prathana says she will feed her first. They all argue. Kunti says I will not give gold coin to the bahu making me have food first. Prathana makes her have food with her hand first, followed by others. Kunti calls Kusum. Kusum comes and asks her to tell fast, says bahu is going to add poison in saas’s food on TV. Kunti looks at the food on table.

All bahus feed her food. Prema says sweets are remaining. Panjiri takes various sweets dishes name. Kunti calls bhole as all bahus try to feed her sweets.

Written Update by H Hasan

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