Gorgeous and bold actress Kishwer Merchant has been recently left to the pain after her fracture of foot in the intensive workout session. But that doesn’t hurt her much as she got hurt by the production team of ‘Savitri Devi College & Hospital’.

The actress has been not well treated by the production house Rashmi Sharma Production under which the series ‘Savitri Devi College & Hospital’ is shooting on. She has been abruptly replaced without the due formalities or any legal issued. She recently got connected to Indianexpress where she shared about working there “They blocked my 25 days a month and shot for just a couple of days. They would keep me endlessly waiting and when I decided to quit owing to this dissatisfied work they forced me to stay back and now they say they replaced me as I am immobile. This is the worst that they could stoop to.”

Kishwer is the actress who always known to be stand up for her so she even said “It was a pathetic experience working with Rashmi Sharma Productions. They do not value artistes and their time. Neither did they have a proper sketched role for me nor did they allow me to go. Even when I was injured, I was on sets, and they are now claiming that I have been replaced as I cannot shoot. They do not want to accept that it was me who wanted to leave the show. Also as expected, no one from the team is yet to get back to my messages.”


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