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Kasam 17th November 2017 Written Update: Tanuja Ready For A Grand Wedding With Abhishek

Rishi thinks about calling Tanuja. Natasha takes the call and invites Rishi for a wedding- it’s a huge wedding. She is turning Mr. Handsome a charming groom. She will prepare the bride and groom, he must sent Tania’s wedding. Rishi asks if he can come. Natasha was about to tell Rishi it’s not a doll’s wedding but her mother’s… Tanuja was calling Rishi then. Rishi resumes the call with Natasha. Natasha promises to connect them soon.
Tanuja decides to tell Rishi about her decision face to face. Abhishek comes to meet a wedding organizer about the arrangements of wedding. Masi comes to say it must be a traditional event. Tanuja comes there. Vikram introduces himself and promises to make the best arrangements for her wedding. Tanuja calls Abhishek aside, and insists on him to make this wedding
a huge event. It’s just for a proof. Abhishek asks her to listen to him first, if lawyers or judge won’t suspect. She has been living with him for past seven years, they could have married on paper long time ago. They will now suspect they have created a proof, so the wedding must be grand. He leaves the decision to her now. Masi asks Abhishek about the card. Tanuja selects the one in her hand and says now the wedding will take place as Abhishek wants it to.
Natasha tells Tania about her new shopping. Tania was upset and wish her mother was also marrying. Natasha wonders if both their mother’s marry how they will participate in each other’s parents’ wedding. They suggest to marry Natasha’s mother with Tania’s father and vice versa. Natasha wasn’t ready to accept Nehtra with Abhishek. Gauri brings milk for Natasha, she tells Gauri to buy clothes for her as her mother is getting married.
Rishi had come to meet Tanuja. Gauri tells him that Tanuja isn’t home, she has decided to marry him. Rishi was cheerful as its magic. Tanuja was passing by the same venue where she had memories with Rishi. She prays for courage to forget him. He always come to her even when she ignores him.
In the car, Rishi was happy about marriage with Tanuja. He stops the car at an old market and goes looking for Tanuja there.
Abhishek was in the office, the designer was taking his measurements. He lends them time for seven days. Myra asks Abhishek why Tanuja doesn’t go for designer dress. Abhishek says he fall in love with her simplicity, he only is afraid that Tanuja still loves Rishi. Myra fears what if Tanuja backs out. Abhishek was sure he won’t let her go now.
Rishi finds Tanuja in a saree house. He was excited and decides not to ruin her surprise of their wedding. Tanuja senses his presence but he hides himself. The sales girl spots Rishi peeking at Tanuja and asks if he is staring at her? Rishi denies staring at anyone, and warns she can complain against him in police. Rishi says he is her husband, they love each other a lot. It’s her first surprise in life, and he doesn’t want to break a surprise. The sales girl comes to ask Tanuja, Rishi was with her. As the sales girl calls Tanuja, Rishi leaves. Rishi stood behind Tanuja and selects each saree signaling the sales girl. Tanuja was irritated for wasting her time. Rishi takes the sales girl to make the selection. He was sure she will love it. Tanuja likes it at first sight. She hurries to make the payment, Rishi was cheerful.

PRECAP: Tanuja was at Bedi house. Rishi was excited that she will marry him. Tanuja clarifies, not him but Abhishek

Written Update by Sona

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