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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th February 2018 Written Update: Namrata Attacks Thakur

The Episode starts with Namrata keeping pillows on the bed and going silently. She goes to the storeroom. Thakur follows her. Namrata enters the secret passage. Thakur sees this and gets shocked. He too enters the passage. He sees Namrata wearing Kaal Bhairav’s mask and taking trishul. He gets shocked. He silently follows her. Namrata goes to the workers. She asks Yashpal about the other shivling. She threatens him. Yashpal says if I die, how will you know about shivling, I told you let me go and then I will tell about shivling. Namrata says we got 7 shivling and will get other two also, you won’t be able to go out. She asks men to kill him. Yashpal sees Thakur there.

Namrata scolds everyone to dig up fast and find shivling. Thakur sees Namrata’s madness. Namrata asks her men
to send other men to roam in temple as Kaal Bhairav and shuvaan. The man says I was just going. She says just go there and roam around, I don’t know so many deaths happened, even then someone comes there to spy, send a tamrapatra and write that temple will be closed for two days, we have no time, we have to find two shivlings, if anyone refuses to work, then kill him. Thakur gets shocked. He thinks Rahul was right, there is some human behind the murders, Namrata has done this, she has killed even her brother Aditya. He sees the men leaving as Kaal Bhairav and his shivgan. Two men see Thakur.

Namrata cries recalling Aditya’s death. She removes the mask and costume. She comes back to the storeroom. She reaches her room and opens the door. He sees Thakur with two of her men. She asks what are you doing here, who are they. He says I will tell you everything, you tell me, from where are you coming at this time. She lies that she went to have some fresh air. He asks is that so. He shouts you are lying. She gets tensed.

He says you have hidden many dark secrets in your heart, you have lied to me, I have learnt everything, I followed you to storeroom, then tunnel, then cave and till the temple, I have seen everything what’s happening in the tunnel, who are there and what are they doing, I have seen it, I can’t believe my little angel, my daughter has killed so many people, you didn’t spare even your brother, he loved you more than me, if you asked him to give his life, he would have easily given his life, did you not pity him. He scolds her for killing Aditya.

He slaps her and says you are dead for me, I didn’t know you will play with people’s lives, you have cheated me. She gets a fit of anger. He says you are played with my feelings, devotion and belief, what do you want, why are you doing this, what’s these nine shivlings, tell me. She cries and asks him to give her one chance, she will make everything fine. He asks how will you get Sheru, Vaid ji, Anand back, can you get my son Aditya back. He scolds her that she has cheated Lord Kaal Bhairav and defamed him. He says Lord can forgive you, but I won’t, I will tell your truth to villagers. She begs him not to do so. He pushes her away. She gets an injection from drawer. She injects him. He gets shocked and turns to her. The men hit on his head. Thakur holds her neck and beats the men. He tries to catch her. She gets away and pushes him. He falls back. She looks evil. Thakur looks at her.

Rishi warns Gauri for not protecting Shiv’s deposit.

Written Update by Amena

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