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Jiji Maa 30th January 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Zeenat saying you are waiting for Suresh right. Falguni says no. She imagines Suyash. Zeenat asks her to come inside. Falguni sees Suyash everywhere. Niyati cuts the cake. Falguni feeds the cake to Suyash and then eats. They smile. Zeenat asks her won’t she feed the cake to her. Falguni feeds. Dimpy asks Suyash where is he going. He says I m going to meet Falguni, its Niyati’s birthday, I can’t lie that I m busy. Dimpy says she would be missing you.

Falguni calls him. Dimpy hides him and disconnects the call. He says she is feeling bad. She says let her miss you, she will meet you with a smile next time, come with me, before anyone sees us. Falguni thanks everyone for coming. Rawats leave. Shom sends Mangla and says I have work. He meets Uttara and asks are you Falguni’s
guest, why do I feel we have some connection, did I meet you before. She avoids him. He asks her to say her name. She bursts a balloon. Niyati says she won’t talk, she has maunvrath. Niyati sends Shom.

Uttara’s Agyaatvaas ends. Niyati asks her to go after some time. Uttara says I can’t stay here now, else neighbors can see me, I will leave. Falguni says I won’t let you go easily, your Agyaatvaas didn’t end yet, you are forgetting its condition, you promised to fix the marriage date. Uttara says I don’t forget my promises, I will send you the mahurat date, it will be special one for Niyati.

Falguni says emotions matter to Niyati, not its value. She asks Niyati get haldi, water and paper, Uttara will write on it here itself, as decided before. Uttara smiles and does the ritual. Falguni asks Niyati to keep the paper near mum’s pic. Uttara thinks Niyati’s future depends on my pity. She leaves. Falguni says just 15 days are left, how will we manage. She tells her mum that Niyati’s marriage is fixed. Niyati cries and says its just 15 days now, then I will leave you, I don’t like to stay without you, how will I live without you. They cry and hug.

Someone says its much of Uttara’s game, its time to burn her pride. He hits Uttara’s pic. Uttara comes home. Shom welcomes her. He asks what did you get for me. Jayant welcomes her and jokes. She thinks maybe the game has affected Uttara well, Jai Durandhar baba.

Falguni sees Suyash with kids. Suyash gives chocolates to kids. She says you stay much busy these days. He says you stay busy. She says you didn’t come in Niyati’s birthday party. He says I had much work, I couldn’t come, sorry. She says you used to say, you want to meet Niyati’s inlaws, when time has come, you disappeared, everyone missed you. He asks really, who. She says Niyati, Zeenat and… Tara kaki. He asks who else….. She says come home. He asks didn’t you miss me. She smiles. They have an eyelock. He says I m asking you. She says I m getting angry on you, you came after 3 days, you didn’t come home, don’t smile, come. He thinks of Dimpy’s words. He says I have urgent work, I will come tomorrow. She says you come next week, come next month, come on festivals, leave from here, bye. She shuts the door angrily. He smiles and thinks love is blossoming. Someone calls Uttara. He says I m your not your ordinary enemy, I know your special secret. He sends her a pic. She gets shocked.

Niyati says you should also find a partner. Falguni asks friend? Someone blackmails Uttara. She comes to meet the man.

Written Update by Amena

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