And it is every bit interesting and entertaining.
The Voice India Kids Season 2 host Jay Bhanushali is a power house of talent. Be it acting, dancing, hosting, Jay has entertained the audiences with his unique antics and his love for kids. In all the episodes of The Voice India Kids, he is seen raising the fun quotient with his amazing sense of humour. In the upcoming New year special episode, he will be seen giving quirky challenges to the special guests on the show, Neha Kakkar and Badshah.

As per the sources, Jay will throw a challenge at Neha Kakkar and Badshah – to sing in the most challenging situations. He will ask Neha to wear a dress of Balloon and sing a song for 60 seconds with two kids distracting her by bursting the balloon with a pin. On the other hand, he challenges Badshah to stand on an ice slab, bare foot, and sing for 60 seconds. Badhshah too will accept the task… But will he be able to complete the same? Looking at him perform, Neha and Shaan will also join in and try to attempt it. While Shaan will be seen standing bare foot on the slab and Neha will be standing on his toe.

Wow, the upcoming episode definitely sounds interesting and full of entertainment. Are you excited for the show? Leave in your comments below..


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