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Ishqbaaz 29th November 2017 Written Update: Shwetlana Blackmails Shivaye

Shivaye and Om see the house blasting in the video and get shocked. They drive and reach home. Rudra says no, don’t come close to me and shows the bombs fixed to him. They get shocked. Some time before, Shwetlana asks Shivaye to slap Anika as she can’t do this. Media asks Shivaye will he do justice. Shwetlana says you know I can do a lot, but I have hope from you. Media asks Shivaye will he agree to Shwetlana and punish his wife. Shivaye says enough, not a word more, Shivaye Singh Oberoi will do justice, the person who did mistake will get punished. He goes to Anika. Everyone looks on. Shivaye holds her hand. She nods.

Anika goes to Shwetlana and slaps her. They all get shocked. Shwetlana says how dare you. Shivaye says you said one who did mistake will get punishment, this is that real
remote, by which this chandelier was operated, this was Shwetlana’s plan to make Anika fall in everyone’s eyes, a vixen can be clever, but can’t win over a tiger, I have allowed you to stay here, it doesn’t mean I m your slave, Anika is my pride, if you challenge my pride, it won’t be good, stay well, I will not tolerate if my family gets hurt. Rudra says it won’t be needed, I will drag her out. He holds her hand, and remote fixed on her hand, gets pressed. Chandelier falls down. Shwetlana’s nose gets a wound. Reporters laugh. Shwetlana shouts stop it, you are getting a laugh, you have much pride about your blood, family and brotherhood, see how I separate you three, how I ruin your family, this family’s destruction will start with your wife Anika.

Its morning, Shivaye says Anika I was thinking… Anika hugs him and says I m scared, whatever Shwetlana said last night. He says Shwetlana can’t do anything. She says you know she can do anything. He says hatred can’t win over true love, she tried before too, but she always got failed, I have thought of a plan to get rid of her. She asks what plan. He asks her to get Gauri along and come office, they can discuss there. He leaves.

At office, Om says its good you gave a leave to staff, what’s your plan. Shivaye says the plan is…. They see Oberoi mansion footage on tv. Shivaye says its live. Om says it can’t be live. He says its happening real time. Shivaye and Om see the house blasting in the video and get shocked. They run out of the office. They drive and reach home. They see the house fine. Shivaye says its all okay here. Om says we will go in and see. Rudra calls out Shivaye. They turn and see him. Rudra says no, don’t come close to me and shows the bombs fixed to him. They get shocked.

They reach back to office. Om says I will try to remove this. Shivaye says no, I will call bomb squad. Shwetlana comes and says no use, its a trap laid by me, just I can cut it. Shivaye repeats his words. He says I told you, if anyone gets hurt in my family, I will not leave you alive. She says I like your style, but you forgot your attitude can take your brother’s life, this bomb is password protected, no one else can deactivate this except me, Rudra is fortunate, I could have made Om wear this bomb jacket, but my old love stopped me. Om says my brother’s love stopped me, else your voice would have got shut by now. She says this anger suits Oberois. Shivaye asks what do you want. She says Oberois’ destruction, you would have heard this saying, a house got burnt by the heir, I want you to turn this saying true. Om says stop nonsense, tell me what will you take for defuse the bomb.

She says I called a press conference, if you want to see Rudra alive, Shivaye will tell the entire truth of Kalyani mills incident, you will say Oberois were behind it. Shivaye says I won’t do anything such. She says you will do this if you want your brother to be alive. Om says you want us to ruin ourselves. She says you have to choose between your brother or destruction. She goes out and sees Anika and Gauri coming. She comes back and says your wives are coming, they shouldn’t have any doubt about this, else…. She leaves. Gauri asks does this office stay vacant.

Anika says no, we will ask Shivaye, we have to know his plan and then we will not leave Shwetlana. Gauri says he would have thought something good. Shivaye says I feel like a puppet, Shwetlana has the string in her hand. Om says we have to use senses, Anika and Gauri shouldn’t know this. Rudra says don’t discuss this, Shwetlana may hear it. Shivaye agrees. Anika and Gauri come and give the food. Rudra says don’t come close. Anika asks what. Om says he is not hungry. Anika says Rudra didn’t eat anything in morning, have it. Gauri says we won’t have food if you don’t have. Rudra says I felt my brothers love me the most, you two proved you love me the most. Anika asks are you fine, why are you getting emotional. Rudra says I m going. Shivaye says he is going on dieting.

Gauri insists. Om says don’t insist, we won’t have food either. She asks are you dieting too. Anika says leave it, tell us the plan, for which you called us here. Shivaye asks her not to talk bedroom things here. He holds her hand. She says I m saying about Shwetlana. He says we will talk at home. Om says we have work, Gauri please… Gauri says we just came, we didn’t have food. Om says we have to discuss imp meeting, please if you guys. Anika says you look worried, is everything fine. Shivaye says yes, you are with me, I love you.

He looks around and says you looked pretty in the blue dress tomorrow. She says fine, have food, we shall leave. Shivaye says oye oye…. Anika…. blue dress, you looked very pretty, everything is fine. Anika says fine, I m going now. Anika and Gauri leave. Om says we couldn’t tell anything to them. Shivaye says if I didn’t say, it doesn’t mean Anika won’t know anything. Gauri says Shivaye is really an ishqbaaz. Anika says something is wrong, he is lying. Gauri says no, he really loves you. Anika says I know, I feel they are in trouble, he was giving me a hint, you know I have worn black saree, why did he say blue dress, he said oye oye, we say this when there is some danger. She recalls their code word and says it means they are in danger. She sees Shwetlana hiding. Gauri asks what happened. Anika shows Shwetlana and says she shouldn’t understand, she did something, come. Shwetlana thinks to find out what are they saying. Gauri leaves with a dummy in the car. Shwetlana smiles and says they have left good. Anika enters the office.

She says what was Shivaye trying to tell me, think Anika. She recalls his words. She says when he said I love you, he didn’t see in my eyes, he was seeing somewhere else, what was there. She recalls and says CCTV camera, what did he mean, did he want me to go to CCTV camera room.

Shwetlana says stop nonsense, get ready to die. Anika fights with her to get the remote. ShivOm try to remove the jacket off Rudra.

Written Update by Amena

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