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Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th November 2017 Written Update: Deep Falling For Arohi

Scene 1
Deep says see I am fine. If there was something in this water I would have fainted. Deep says in heart how long will this game work? Don’t have another way to stop her. Deep comes to his room. Arohi comes there. She says I am sorry. Because of me this happened. Deep says this is not your mistake. People will keep blaming my family because of what Sushant did. I won’t let that happen. You have doubts about my family. Here are answers to them in this file. Arohis says I am very sorry. I made a mistake. I am really bad. I am ill. I need treatment. I made a misatake. Deep says don’t say sorry. Its not your fault. Laksh is plotting something. I will give you all the happiness you deserve. I have hurt you a lot and gave you so much pain. But that won’t happen
anymore. I now feel that I found a life partner who can be my shoulder to cry on. Please forgive me. Arohi hugs him. The medicine starts reacting on Deep.

Prithvi tells tara. Tara says I mixed four meds in that water. Prithvi says what if deep tells her truth. Tara says deep that to save Arohi. I have to do something.
Deep says there are a lot of things I didn’t tell you. I wanna tell you everything. Arohi says I know all truth. Deep says you know it already? Arohi says I know you really love me. Deep says you are really nice that is why I want to tell you about my truth.
I wasn’t born in Shimla. People come here as tourists. I came here to find something. Arohi says what? Prithvi comes. He says did I disturb you? Deep says I was telling her something. I want to tell her everything she doesn’t know. Prithvi says you have to come with me. Arohi leaves. Deep says arohi where are you going.

Prithvi gives medicine to control his condition. Deep comes to Tara and says what did you do. Tara says what? Deep shoves her and says why did you mix that med? Tara says because you have started loving her. Deep says you have jealousy for no reason. Tara says what were you doing with her? Kissing her. Deep is about to slap her. Prithvi says you can’t hit mom.
Deep says I did everything for you Tara. You only get me in trouble. I am doing this for you so you don’t have to face any trouble. But if you don’t trust me I will actually go to the one who trusts me. He leaves. Tara says I will kill that Arohi. Prithvi says please calm down. Deep is doing all this for you. Tara says yes you are right. Why can’t I control myself.

Scene 2
Arohi comes to Maya. Maya says here to blame us again? Wanna insult more? You have no shame? Dia says we should never have made her Deep’s wife. Arohi says I am sorry please pardon me. Punish me but don’t be mad at me. You are like a mom to me. Dia says we all know your real face. Our relation has has ended. Maya shoves her. Deep holds her and says how dare you behave with herr like this. You all know how much I love you. You have to take care of her. He takes her from there.

Arohi is crying. She says everything is over. I have hurt everyone. Deep says please calm. Arohi says I don’t deserve this family. I haave to go from here. Deep says I won’t let you go anywhere. Tomorrow will be a new start.

Tara plans a good night with tara. She decorates the room with petals. She says we will have wine together. Prithvi comes to Deep and says I am loyal to you. But loyalty stops other people. If Tara feels alone you should be with her. You should love her and get her trust. Assure her you are only hers and not arohi’s.
Tara looks at Deep’s picture. She says I won’t let you go away from me ever. You are only mine.
Deep says I know how to handle Tara. For now it is important to handle Arohhi.

Precap-Tara says waiting for you Deep come here please. Arohi goes to take shower. Tara comes there and tries to drown her.

Written Update by Atiba

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