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Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th December 2017 Written Update: Deep Bailed Out

Scene 1
Arohi, Ritu and Niku come home. Constable says don’t be scared. we are outside. Arohi is scared. Ritu says let me bring you both something to eat. Suddenly windows shudder. They all get scared. Ritu hugs Niku and says its just wind. She says Arohi you both sit I will bring something to eat. Arohi hugs her and says everything is over. She cries. Ritu says you have to stay strong. We can’t give up. Arohi says I feel so scared. i want to run away from all this. Ritu says we have to stay strong. Suddenly lights go off. Arohi and Ritu are scared. Police comes in and says don’t be scared We will be here.

Arohi falls asleep in her room. She wakes up and goes to Ritu’s room. They are not there. arohi looks for them. See sees the constable dead on the floor.
Arohi screams. She sees Niku and Ritu dead as well. Arohi screams. She says bhabhi please open your eyes. Arohi screams madly. Deep says hello sweetheart. Deep is there on sofa. Arohi screams. She wakes up. it was her dream. Ritu comes in and hugs her. She says calm down. Deep is in jail. He can’t do anything. Arohi says they can do anything. Ritu says police is here. Don’t worry. Ritu saays we will sleep in one room. Let me bring Niku.

Scene 2
Next morning Arohi wakes up to doorbell. She says who can it be? She goes to check. Its Laksh. Laksh says I had to come. Arohi says what happened? Laksh says deep is out of lockup. Arohi is dazed.
He tells her Maya and Dia came to police station and said that deep really loves Arohi. Dia said yes ma is right. Maya says Deep can never do this. Arohi is lying. Prithvi said you can’t bully our family like this. They brought their lawyers and gave Laksh orders from commissioner to leave Deep. Laksh had to release Deep.
Arohi is scared. She says why did you do that? Do you know what he did. Laksh says I was helpless. If I could I would have killed him right there. Deep is not an ordinary man. He woke chief justice to get his signatures on bail. Its not easy to catch them. But i wont give up. They will be behind bars. I need your help. I have prepared a plan.

Scene 3
Deep says we will have a new year party and call people from our circle. Arohi will come here to get those memory cards.
Laksh says we need proofs that no one can deny. Arohi says I have the proofs. Laksh says then give me the proofs. Its not too late. Arohi says they are there in Deep’s house. I know where I hid them. Laksh says I can’t go therre. i need search warrant that I wont get. Arohi says then I can go. Ritu says no you won’t go there.

Deep says cards are here in this house. she will come here to get them.
Arohi says we don’t have another way. We can’t step back. I have to get them for justice. Arohi says please dont’ stop me. I will go there. laksh says but you need to be very careful.
Deep says Arohi wants to come here to get those memory cards. Once she comes we won’t let her go.

Precap-The party starts. Arohi comes there.

Written Update by Atiba

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