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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st September 2015 Written Update

Dhaani goes near the pillar and states you have got taken my gain. How dare you touched me, and adjusted my saree. You happen to be genuinely a Rakshas, just head over to hell. She asks how dare you? Viplav holds her hand and asks you’re cursing me, scolding me and crying blaming me. Dhaani asks him not to the touch her. Viplav claims he was tensed about his engagement and came to the temple. He says you won’t believe me, you had been drowning during the river and was unconscious. You have been turning blue and I modified your saree as that you are shivering with moist saree. Dhaani claims I don’t believe in you. Viplav says I don’t have any proof proving my innocence, and says I didn’t do just about anything. He swears on his Dadi and tells the reality. Dhaani claims men and women will likely not blame him but her. Viplav states He’ll reveal points to individuals. He suggests no one will show you something. Dhaani folds her hand and asks him to leave. Viplav says how can I leave you by itself, that you are my duty. I will drop you to definitely Ashram. Dhaani says Most people will get in touch with her sinner after which you can she need to sacrifice her lifestyle.

Viplav states I’m leaving, but doesn’t know that you’ll Feel me wrongly. Dhaani cries although he leaves. She picks up her white saree. Kanak attempts stopping Tania’s mum and states she will check with Viplav. Tania will come and normally takes her mum from there. Kanak comes to Dasharath and says I would like to talk to you about a little something critical. Tania suggests let me handle this. She goes cryingly. Kanak reveals Photograph of Viplav and Dhaani intimacy pic. Dasharath gets stunned. Shambu and Dadi hear and therefore are stunned also. Dhaani changes the saree in lavatory ( I wonder if it is a temple lavatory). She thinks of Viplav’s words and phrases and his promise that he didn’t do anything. Viplav will come household and looks at Dasharath, Kanak and Tania’s dad and mom. He apologizes to Everybody to going someplace in the course of his engagement party. Tania’s mum asks will you not forgive on your doings which you did with that widow. Viplav is stunned and says it would be misunderstanding. He states I had been with Dhaani, but I have nothing along with her. Tania’s mum asks if you adore her much, then why did you use ring.

Viplav states I can clarify. Tania’s mum states Tania saw you both equally hugging from the temple, is she lying? Viplav asks where by is Tania and goes to talk to her. Tania cries while in the space. Viplav will come and sits beside her. Tania receives up and claims she requires no explanation. She claims I noticed you both equally hugging each other. She asks why you’ve performed this with me? I will never be capable of rely on everyone in my lifestyle. Viplav suggests you fought with the earth and befriended me. He claims now you might be doubting me, and suggests your eye sight is betraying you. He asks why did you not come infront of me and accused me. He says I can make clear anything if provided an opportunity. He suggests he was tensed and ran faraway from his engagement. When he went to temple, he noticed a woman drowning during the river. He took her out and that girl was Dhaani. He claims she had turned blue, Which’s why he improved her saree.

Tania asks why did you go there? Viplav suggests his family members stored him in darkish and acquired him engaged. He suggests Once i talked to you, you experienced agreed. Tania claims she was speaking about marriage. Viplav claims I didn’t take into consideration engagement, hold the wedding apart. Tania asks do you love me? Viplav claims I really like you as a friend and hugs her. He says nowadays will be the worst working day, very first his engagement terrible shock, after which the happenings with Dhaani. He claims Dhaani was blaming him and believed me wrong. He states he was viewing other side when he was switching her saree. Tania states a widow has changed her daily life. She asks Viplav to promise and battle Ashram case. Viplav guarantees.

Tania’s mum tells Dasharath which you termed her listed here and we agreed on your every single sayings. She suggests we imagined you major Pandit. Didn’t the thing is your grand son’s kundli? She asks him to return her daughter’s regard. Viplav will come and asks her not to inform nearly anything to his Dada ji. He says I talked to Tania before the engagement and imagined that she has understood my stage. He claims coming to Dhaani, I tried to help you save her from drowning. He states it had been fantastic that misunderstanding was cleared And that i didn’t want to marry Tania.

Viplav tells that Tania is his best friend and will almost always be. She claims I don’t really like him and hopes she gets an excellent life companion. Tania’s mum claims we imagined you equally adore each other. Tania states she constantly witnessed Viplav over a buddy, but Viplav never ever saw her like that. She claims they’ve chose to conclusion the relation. She asks him to return her ring. Viplav recalls throwing ring within the river. She states it is sweet that Reminiscences are certainly not there. Dhaani prays to God and states she did a sin unknowingly. She suggests she didn’t know whichever Rakshas advised is correct or not. She did a sin to be a stranger touched her. She states she is ready to bear the punishment and retains her hand on thelamp. Tania’s mum curses Viplav and says you won’t ever be joyful. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………….

Kanak blames Dhaani for breaking her son’s engagement, and asks her to take a seat in Kotha if she would like to entertain men. Dhaani appears to be on stunned.

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