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Ikyawann 30th November 2017 Written Update: Leela Notices Satya Getting Close To Sushil.

Satya and Sushil on bike,sushil says drive safe,don’t show stunts,Satya says don’t worry your safe and dashes and the water container spills on them,Satya winks at her,sushil kicks him and both get up.sejals haldi function begins,Sejal ma ask how was your haldi Kali,Leela says she was sick,so we could do no functions,and so direct wedding,there was love marriage you see,so you see I selected vishu bride but Kali did one work good,brought my favourite person Satya in this world.

Sushil starts riding,and says why did you turn,Satya says just trying to impress you and cheer you up and look at you,I was helping you,sushil says did I aks you too,now what will Jyoti aunty and Sejal Didi think,you fool. Sushil and Satya reach the function,sushil says thank you.leela sees them and says chano
what is this girl doing in my function.

Chano drops haldi and sushil slips over it and all haldi over her and falls down,Leela starts laughing,and says look yesterday you made me fall and today you fell down,Sejal thinks Leela is so abnormal,Leela says you weren’t going to come why are you here,and says help this girl someone,sushil gets up and slips again but Satya holds her and her hand imprints on his white kurta,a lady says look this haldi imprint is so dark,Kali says come sushil I will give you clothes come change,sushil smiles and leaves with her. Gulabo says this girl spoils everything,sushil says sorry aunty.

Leela says Satya here hand this money,get new bike,and throw the old one in scrap,Satya asks why,Leela asks why did you get her and why was she riding your bike,Satya says dadi,yesterday stage broke and if something would go wrong who would manage,our name would be spoilt them,now she is here she will do all work properly,Leela says okay go change,Satya leaves.leela says chano something is fishy,do a thing lock that girl in a room.

Sushil thinking of Mehul asking her not to loose calm and gulabo saying she spoils everything,Kali walks to her and says don’t shed those tears they don’t suit you but this does and hands her a dress.

Sejal starts dancing in her entry,Jyoti stops Her, gulabo gives her bangle and says your father In law got this from Dubai for you. Satya asks jiggi where is sushil,Kali gets sushil with her,all dressed beautifully,Satya looks at her,sushi, is a bit awkward. Sejal says sushil you look so pretty and pulls her to dance,Leela sees Satya trying to stop sushil from leaving dance floor and gets angry,Shivam walks to sushil for walk,both leave,Leela asks Shivam to go other way,and Leela asks chano to follow sushil.

Sushil enters a store,chano puts off the lights and hit her from behind on her head,sushil faints. Sushil blind folded and tied up by chano and locked in a room. Chano signs Leela work done and she starts dancing. Jyoti asks Shivam where are garlands,Shivam says sushil went to store to get them where is she,sushil trying to realise herself,Satya in corridor. He hears some noise from the store and opens it and sees sushil tied up and rushes to her,and releases her,and says relax,look I saved you again,how did you land here,sushil says you did it,and pushes him,sushil says I’m controlling my anger but you and your dadi,Shivam walks in and asks what’s wrong,Leela sees sushil push Satya and gets angry,sushil says this Satya locked me in this room.

Leela says shut up enough of your drama,don’t take his name,stay away from him,I know girls like you,today his bike,soon she will get you Satya,this Chano did this,I told you,to call her and tie mandap rope and you tied the girl,sushil syabsthis stole is yours I know you did this,Satya says I came here in search of stole I did nothing,Leela asks Shivam to get tattoo machine,And asks Sushil’s to Stay and watch,sushil says please don’t,Leela picks the tattoo machine and starts using it in chanos hand and says this is not to follow my orders and using your brains unnecessary and writes fool in her hand says this will remind you of the foolishness you did.

Precap : sushil taking off her anger by hitting bricks,Satya says enough and let me tell you I didn’t do this and if you keep blaming me like this,I promise you I will be behind all your problems form here on.

Written Update by Tanaya

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