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Ikyawann 30th January 2018 Written Update

Satya says sushil it’s all in your mind and so go rest because I don’t want people say that my would be wife,is mentally ill.suhsil says yes right,you know what Satya from the day I have expressed my love to you and said I love you,you have changed and about to leave,Satya stops her.

Satya says you changes too,at times bone then shadow,now cmon cheer up let’s take a selfie,now smile,Satya click a selfie and says we will throw a big party after wedding,sushil says do you really take this as my imagination,Satya says yes sushil it is,see I’m with you no one stabbed me,your tattoo man is with you,satya remembers the promise he made to leela to ditch sushil,sushil says I should take a leave,Satya says come I shall escort you.

Leela with a bottle and says yesterday was just a glimpse
of what all you will see in coming days,leela prepares haldi,and in rose water bottle adds a solution,Kiran walks in and says haldi for me,my haldi,Leela says no dear not for you,Kiran says me too, satya says Kiran phui what are you doing here,come let’s do hand painting with this haldi,Kiran gets excited and leaves with Satya. Leela calls gulabo and says take this haldi to Sushil’s house,gulabo says kali should go right,leela says she should be here for satyas haldi,you do a thing go with Sejal,and here rose water, gulabo says yes to add in haldi and ten apply to suhsil,Jhano dashes gulabo and bottle from get hand falls,and later shows to Leela,leela says oh Chandan fragrance this will make my Satya Happy.

Parekh family busy with arrangements,Mehul walks in with sushil,naresh says why these clothes go wear good one,sushil says I wore heavy lehnga yesterday not today,naresh says ok but you look very pretty,Bapu says but don’t creat any nuisance today as you did yesterday.guests and Sejal gulabo arrive,Mehul says I shall go give Satya Shagun haldi,sushil says you won’t be ere for my haldi,Sejal says he will,he will apply you haldi and then leave,leela video calls gulabo.

Leela says did you add rose water,gulabo says I will,Sejal add rose water Sejal adds,Leela says add whole water even Satya here will be applied such haldi,Sejal says done,and says Sushil’s mapa come apply her haldi,Mehul applies sushil haldi,she applies it to Mehul to and smiles,Leela surprised,Mehul says I shall go to Ajmera house and leaves.

Leela still on video call,everyone applies sushil haldi,Sejal says dadi you said rose water but this smells like Chandan,Leela says I added that fragrance too,you guys carry one I shall go check Satya and leaves.leela says oh got the bottles got exchanged,the water is in satyas haldi.

Satya says Kiran phui here’s haldi,now paint,Kiran applies haldi on his shirt and then rushes behind jiggi and Vishu,Kali says Satya get me the haldi I have to add rose water,Satya says why but,Kali says ba has asked to and this will bring glow to your face too look at those dark circles due to tension all with vanish.satya says okay do as you wish and applies haldi on his hands and says I’m behind Kiran phui and rushes to her.

Satya runs behind Kiran to apply haldi and plays with her,Leela sees kali with rose water,and about to add it,leela says Jhano go stop her,Kali empties the bottle,and then smells it,she starts feeling giddy,Kali sees multiple Leela and says I can’t handle one Leela and I see multiple of them and starts laughing,Kali sees Leela in everyone,Prakash says what’s wrong with her,Vishu says Satya first sushil behaved wired today aunty kali,Satya says I have no idea.

Satya says Ma what’s wrong,Kali says ba why are you sounding like Satya,and now all these Leela,come let’s apply haldi to our Satya and where is Satya,Satya says Ma what’s wrong I’m in front of you,Kali says ba why are yah calling me Ma,leela says what’s wrong with this doctor,Vijay says Ma calm down I will take care of her,Vijay takes kali away with her.

Satya asks dadi what is this,leela says this Jhano,exchange the bottles,Jhano change the haldi.leela goes Jhano by her hair to fan and says because of you my plan is failed,I feel like switching in the fan,Jhano requests for a chance, and signs Leela a plan.

Leela again makes a call to gulabo,gulabo shows Sejal,Sejal says if dadi is so excited she should have accompanied us,she is looks more excited then Satya.gulabo greets her,Leela asks ritual ended,gulabo says yes we are having lunch now.

Leela says tell darika to make khichdi bhog don’t forget its our ritual and has to be followed and ask sushil to help too,sejal says but Ma in my wedding no such ritual happened,gulabo says never cut elders,Bapu says don’t worry we shall arrange for it. Leela says go Jhano add this poison and don’t forget to send me pic.

Precap : Jhano adds poison and leaves. Sushil in kitchen finds the poison bottle.

Written Update by Tanaya

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