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Ikyawann 29th November 2017 Written Update: Sushil Rides With Satya On His Bike.

Leela and phui fight for Leela,Leela says you old stop it and insults phui,sushil looses calm and shouts stop,she turns to Leela and says dadi,stage broke I’m very sorry for it,you were right,I need to wake up,mapa told me not to leave any work half done and so I will leave this place when I will mend this work,as it’s my mapa who will be affected,and leaves. Satya says dadi come take a seat. Sushil starts working with Shivam.

Sushil fixs the stage and says to phui let’s go. Leela thinks her ego is greater than her height,and says good she won’t come from today,Satya friend says happens bro first time comes let’s finish this challenge here,Satya thinks how will I complete challenge if sushil doesn’t come.

Phui says Mehul close your eyes,and puts bangles
in his hand and says all men in this house will wear it,sushil gets angry,Mehul says phui,phui says you all don’t listen to me,Bapu asks what happened,phui tells what happened in the function,sushil starts crying and says mapa I don’t know how stage broke, I know you love your work,I just wanted to help you like all sons do,even I want to even if I’m your duaghetr and I mend everything,Mehul hugs her and says good job.mehul naresh and nitesh Shivam cheer sushil and have a group hug,Mehul says go sushil rest.

Bapu says Mehul what is this she spoilt my business name,phui says it’s her bad luck,Mehul says but she managed,phui says last word she won’t go. Sejal on call with Vishu says I’m not liking it,she worked hard,now she owns come,Vishu says dadi and her anger,Sejal says let’s convince her on conference call.
Sejal and Vishu call her,Sejal says sorry,sushil says no worries I will come,Satya passing by puts phone on speaker,sushil says my mapa and his hard work is this business,Sejal asks what is mapa.sushil says my father,since my birth he is my mom and my dad,Sejal says you and your unique techniques,and will you fathers aunt give you permission,sushil says don’t worry I will come.

Sushil says your Satya he is always behind me,Sejal says no no,he was helping you,stop over reacting,he is hero types,sushil says he is a villain,anyways I will see you in haldi tomorrow bye.

Vishu says Satya let my wedding take place,and you stay away from sushil, jiggi says exactly,Satya says I won’t give up and tomorrow she will be on my bike with me and take me as hero.

Sushil in kitchen,phui asks what are you doing,you are cooking,sushil says it’s a pack to calm down,phui says do it properly,sushil says I have done it but I don’t know what if it has adverse effect then no one will marry me,phui say sokay put it over me,if you have any reaction it will be big problem,sushil some how applies it,naresh near by sweeping and signs sushil,phui says what are you doing here go in kitsch wash utensils,sushil places cucumber over phui face and starts massaging her head,Shivam takes over and sushil escapes.

Sejal sees a palki and says I’m bride who is inside,it’s Leela,Sejal shocked to see Leela get down stepping on chano,there are fire works on leelas entry,Leela says my back broke last night so this palki,Sejal takes her blessing.bapu walks to phui,Shivam hides,Bapu checks her,she is asleep,Bapu thinks she passed away and shouts,phui wakes up and says what happened and where is sushil,this girl,I won’t leave her,Shivam messages sushil about situation,phui with pack on face runs behind sushil.

Sushil unable to get auto,Satya stops in front of her with bike,and says didn’t expect right,I know your attitude is bigger than your height and if you don’t come the function won’t start,he tries to wipe pack on Sushil’s hair,she says don’t touch,Satya shows her the pack and says I wants taken advantage,sushil doesn’t sit on bike,Satya tries to convince and sees phui and starts laughing,Satya says you have no option come sit,sushil wears helmet and sits Satya bike,phui asks Satya did you sees a tall girl,he says yes she will go this way and leaves.

Kali asks where is Satya,he says went to get sushil,she says why didn’t you stop him oh god. Satya says the bike will be fats so hold me tight,Sushil says stop these stunts and drive safe,Satya says you are safe and dashes two guys and both fall off the bike.

Precap : sushil taking off her anger by hitting bricks,Satya says enough and let me tell you I didn’t do this and if you keep blaming me like this,I promise you I will be behind all your problems form here on.sushil in store is hit on head and she faints.

Written Update by Tanaya

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