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Ikyawann 21st November 2017 Written Update: Leela Selects Sejal For Vishu.

Leela asks Sejal to make tea,her mother says yes she will a girl is known by the household she does,Leela looks at Kali and says very good you should have been my daughter in law,Sejal gives Leela a cup of tea,Leela takes a sip and says wow,very good,gulabo very happy,Leela says now I will make you a cup of tea and adds 4-5 spoons of sugar,gulabo whispers even she had done this to me,I had drank it but I didn’t think this girl will,Leela says cmon have this tea,Sejal ps mother taps her,Sejal drinks the tea,Leela says is it too sweet,Sejal keeps the cup and says you stupid women, if I didn’t love Vishu I would have make you didn’t this tea and you tied my s*xy hair you mad lady,sejal imagines all this and starts laughing,Leela asks what happened,Sejal says this tea isn’t at sweet
as you are,Leela says I love this girl proposal accepted.

Satya and Vishu get into a stable,Satya spits water at a scare crow,and it falls over it,Satya breaks the pot over it,to see its sushil,Vishu says Satya leave her,Satya says you are a girl how can you get into fights,sushil says better then robbery,while into argument,Satya by mistake tears her sleeve and say sorry I didn’t do it on purpose and I’m not a cheater your height got you trophy and my risk gave it back to me,and throws soil in her eyes and says sorry and leaves.

Leela making butter milk,Satya and Vishu get in,Leela gets very happy and says my son is here and starts dancing,gives him butter,Satya hands the trophy to Kiran,she gets very happy,Leela pulls Satya and both starts dancing,gulabo joins them,vishal says thank god atleast once a year he makes everyone smile,Kali says cmon he will learn his responsibility don’t always bother him,Leela starts dancing with trophy and sees a hair on it and asks Satya whose is it,she takes a look at the trophy and says there’s a diamond on it missing,did you rob this trophy,Satya says yes,I was losing that too from a girl but I stole my victory from her,and got this as every year for my aunty Kiran.

Leela says so my dear Vishu,I have a news for you,gulabo kisses his forehead,Sejal messages Vishu my wedding is fixed don’t call or message me,Vishu leaves tensed. Vishal says Satya all this is good,now perform in business too. Sushil gets home,Mehul says where were you,sushil say she ran away with my trophy, Mehul says sit down and stop these tears,Mehul ties her eyes.

Mama and Nitesh have made an arrangement in backyard,Mehul gets sushil there,Nitesh says break all these as you broke pot,mama asks what is all this,Mehul says Nitesh use to charge up when in anger this way,and all three cheer sushil and cheer up saying she will answer Satya back well,sushil picks herself up and breaks the brick stack with her hands,Nitesh walks to sushil and says tears always don’t make you feel better this sweat also makes you feel better.

Next morning,Satya exercising,Leela says keep on my son,the newspaper is in,gulabo picks up,Satya says give me first,gulabo says look it’s about your competition,Leela says give it here gulabo let me have a look,Satya scared,sushil says Dadaji let me show you my pic in photo,Leela says tell me Satya who this is with you,Vishu says she is a girl,Leela says but her face is cut in pic,may be second rank,spoiled my Satya pic. Dadaji says forget all this sushil get ready. Dadaji says someone is coming sushil cmon. Leela says Vishu get ready there’s surprise for you.

Precap… in market Kiran sees Mehul.

Written Update by Tanaya

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