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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th November 2017 Written Update: Parth Donates Blood To Teni

Baa had come inside to see the baby. Parth enters the room then. He was emotional at the first sight of his baby. The nurse applies hand sanitizer to his hands. Baa congratulates Parth for being a father. She holds the child for him. Parth was elated to take his baby in his arms and thinks its Shorvari’s dream that has come true. Indu tells Parth to forget this meaningless hatred with Teni and forget about everything, Parth didn’t listen and was only playing with his baby. Jalpa comes worried as Teni needs O negative blood and is unavailable in hospital. Parth doesnt listen initially. Indu and Baa were ready to give their blood for Teni but the blood groups didn’t match. Parth says he is O-, he will give blood to Teni.
Indu was relieved that finally Parth is giving
blood to Teni. They were happy as it was possible only because of this baby. A nurse comes to Parth and says Teni is lucky to have him, her blood group is rare and she was very critical when she came here. Parth looks towards Teni silently.
Bharat gets Spursh ready for school and complements he is really handsome and beautiful. He wish to see who Spursh is after, but he always ignores his demands. Spursh makes up that he was sleepy last night and goes to comb. Bharat asks him for a photo now, but Spursh says he has no photo. He leaves for school as he is getting late. Bharat was convinced Spursh is really mature at his mind, he is surely hiding something that needs to be inquired.
Teni wakes up in the hospital. Jalpa was happy to see her and congratulates her for the daughter. She tells Teni they were all so tensed last night, and prayed for her all night. Parth enters the room then but was silent watching her. Jalpa says Parth donated blood for her last night to save her. Teni smiles asking if Parth is happy to be a father. Parth weakly smiles and thinks how happy Shorvari must have been at the news. Teni was sure the hatred in Parth’s heart will soon get away. Teni says its all balanced now, she gave him a child and she had given him blood. Teni asks Parth how the daughter looks, she was excited to see the baby was felt pain. Jalpa says she got operated. After Parth has left the room Teni tells Jalpa she is happy to see Parth happy. She requests Jalpa for a photo of her baby. Jalpa insists on her to take rest, she has a life ahead to be spent with the baby. She goes out to Parth.
Jalpa tries to explain to Parth she understands his emotions about the child. His baby is premature, he must let her stay in hospital for a few days. Parth assures they will fulfil all the requirements at home. Indu comes there and asks how can he take home without a mother. Parth says he and Shorvari had dreamt alot for her, he needs to give her all the love. Indu was ready to let her. Jalpa goes to speak to doctor about it. Parth was happy to get their princess home.

PRECAP: Mohini tells the family that Teni is packing her bags. Teni tells the family its time for her to leave, the job she came for has completed.

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