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Dil Se Dil Tak 29th November 2017 Written Update: Teni Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Jalpa says she can’t say anything as Teni is critical. Parth holds Shorvari’s photo and recalls how excited they were to find Teni as a surrogate to their child. He recalls his behavior with Teni and speaks to Shorvari it was his biggest mistake to make Teni as a surrogate to their child, she ruined everything.
Jalpa comes outside and says there are expert doctors with Teni. The staff brings out Teni’s stretcher. The doctor congratulates it’s a baby girl, but nothing can be said about Teni’s condition. Jalpa inquires if baby is fine? The doctor assures she is safe and healthy, but is in incubator. Dadi and Indu request for a sight of baby. Dadi sends Indu with Jalpa, and was thankful. Bharat assures Jalpa to take care of kids here and call him if there is some problem. Spursh asks
Bharat for a chit chat. Bharat suggests to speak about his parents. Spursh says they were nice. Bharat asks if he has a photo of them. Spursh denies having any and lay down to sleep. He turns the lights off. Bharat asks if he mind his questions, and lay down as well.
Indu breaks into a cry watching the baby girl. Indu says she is exactly like Shorvari, she wish Shorvari could hug her. It’s Shorvari’s dream come true and only because of Teni. If Teni recovers, her Parth’s family will be complete. Jalpa assures she will soon recover. Baa watches Teni from outside the ICU and was upset as Teni is in such a pain. Parth is doing wrong to her. She prays for Teni to recover soon, and happiness in Parth’s life return.
Indu asks Jalpa why they have placed in an incubator when she is fine. Jalpa says it’s for a while only, she was born premature. When they take her home, she can hug her well. Jalpa then asks about Parth, if someone informed him about his daughter. Indu was angry that Parth had a bitter heart about Teni; he can’t see anything in front of his hatred. She won’t speak to him. Jalpa insists it’s his right to know he had a daughter, it’s the baby’s right as well. He might change watching her. Indu calls Parth and says Teni has given birth to a baby girl. Parth was shocked for a while. Indu tells Parth she as a mother won’t give him the false news of a daughter. Parth smiles emotionally as he hears his baby’s cry. He cuts the call. Indu was upset that their family got an evil eye, Parth doesn’t trust her.
There, Parth smiles at Shorvari’s photo asking if she heard the voice of their dream, they had a daughter. He was elated.

PRECAP: Parth comes to hospital and take the baby into his arms. Jalpa says Teni is critical and they need to arrange O negative blood for her, its not available in hospital’s blood bank. Parth was indifferent.

Written Update by Sona

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