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Dil Se Dil Tak 29th December 2017 Written Update: Parth And Teni Attracted Towards Each Other

Chutkan tells Teni this change of mood of Parth is surely love. She also cheers up hearing his name. Although they fight with each other but are ready to give life as well. Teni makes him run away, then comes to kitchen for work. She says if the stove lights in first attempt, this means Parth loves him. The stove ignites at once.
Dada ji tells Baa that Parth couldn’t express his love this time and couldn’t stop her. Baa says she senses a flame between them. Dada ji plays a game with Baa to make here realize their separation would make them realize their love for each other. Until they realize themselves, no one from the family would interfere in the matter this time.
Parth was in his room speaking to Shorvari and says it was good Teni left, else people would have called him selfish. He takes his cell phone to call her, then rejects the thought. Ipshita was crying by them, Parth goes to play with her. He asks if she is also missing Teni, Ipshita cries again. Parth makes the call to Teni. Teni takes the call in sleep and markets about her lunch service. She doesn’t recognize Parth’s voice and cuts the call; then looks closely as Parth ruined her sleep and calls back. Parth apologizes for disturbing her, he didn’t realize she must be asleep. Teni says she is awake now. Parth was silent. Teni asks him to speak up now. Parth asks if his call seems meaningless to her, he says Ipshita is still not asleep. Teni asks if she is fine. Teni decides to make him a video call and put her to sleep. Both Parth and Teni get ready for the call instantly. Parth moves the camera towards Ipshita who had fallen asleep. Parth says I swear she was awake a while ago. They now speak to each other. Teni notices his stare on her face, he makes her wipe chocolate off her face. Afterwards, they cut the calls.
The next morning, Teni was giving Chutkan a list of ingredients. She cheers watching Dadi at the door. Dadi says she came to the temple and thought about meeting her. She gives Teni Prasad. Teni goes to prepare tea for her, and goes to get her some snacks. She makes her taste a dish, and says she had stolen Dadi’s recipe. It has a huge demand. Dadi asks Teni if she ever thought about her own self. Teni was sure her lunch box business is improving and she will be able to make some savings. Dadi says life can’t be spent through money. When we dream in life, we have to make some efforts as well to fulfil them. Like when she dreamt about going to America, she had no money but now she has them. She can fulfil her dream. Teni was lost in a thought and says she can’t decide what she wants. Either she should leave for America or stay here. Dadi says she had dreamt wholeheartedly to go to America, and she can help her find an agent. She gives Teni a form for visa. She says Parth and every one of them would be happy to see her dream accomplished. Teni says she will surely fill the form. Outside, Dadi calls Dada ji that she has done her part of job.

PRECAP: Teni comes to Parth to ask him be her guarantor and sign her America visa papers. Parth was upset to hear she was leaving.

Written Update by Sona

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