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Dil Se Dil Tak 28th December 2017 Written Update: Parth And Teni Reconcile

The inspector runs to help Parth while the female police take Madam jee. Teni insists on him to go to hospital. The inspector helps them a drop at hospital.
It was morning, Indu was tensed about Parth, Teni or Ipshita. Ramnik returns home from work, tensed about them. Mohini was also worried. They were about to call the inspector when Teni and Parth return with Ipshita. Indu was relieved and complains for not calling them. Teni narrates the whole story about last night to the family. Dadi was happy that the three of them returned home safe and healthy. Indu takes Ipshita in her arms. Teni asks Parth if he has pain. She tells the family she was really furious about Parth in the beginning, and even them all to let him come but it was only Parth’s love and courage that Ipshita is here. Parth
says it was only because of Teni he could find Ipshita there.
Ipshita discusses with Baa that Ipshita turned to be a source to get them closer again. Mohini was curt that Parth’s attitude is changed. Teni agrees to share the credit with Parth. She says she promised to bring Ipshita back home, blesses her and takes a leave. Parth stops Teni. The family looks hopeful. Parth says it’s really important, she always wished and made efforts for the family’s happiness. It’s his right to say sorry to her, she can never hurt his Shorvari. Indu was happy that Parth realized his mistake. Teni says Parth only knows how to hurt her, then apologize so easily. She won’t forgive him and reminds all what he said to her. She won’t forgive him now, no matter what. He hurt her straight in the heart. Parth was ready to give anything in compensation. Teni confirms if he will? Mohini wonders if she wish to marry Parth? Teni says alright, then do 10 sit-stand by holding his ears. Everyone laugh at Teni’s demand. Parth had just held his ears but Teni stops him saying Ipshita would otherwise tease him in old age. She forgives him anyway. They hold hands as friends again. The family was thankful. Mohini goes to call Jalpa and Bharat about Ipshita’s return. Teni says she is happy about everything getting better. She takes a leave.
Mohini gives the news to Bharat but he was reluctant to speak to her. He says he will tell Jalpa to call her soon. Mohini wasn’t ready to accept the excuse. Bharat gives the phone with Jalpa with a bad mood. Jalpa was also happy and relieved.
Teni takes a leave, requesting everyone to take care of Ipshita. She was stopped by Ipshita’s cry. Teni returns to take her and play with her. Indu says she is crying because Teni is leaving. Teni promises to be there and play with her often. She takes Ipshita to Parth and says until Ipshita is grown up, only she has the right to keep Parth at track and tease him. She hands Ipshita to Parth and tells him to take care of both of them.

PRECAP; Chutkan tells Teni he can sense love in Parth’s attitude. Later, Teni rolls over and was about to fell off. Parth holds her in his arms, while they share an eye lock.

Written Update by Sona

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