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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th November 2017 Written Update: Teni And Parth To Find Proofs

Teni walks downstairs and almost slips on the stairs. Her cell phone fell down but Parth doesn’t move to help. Dadi and Indu run instead. Indu picks her phone but it won’t switch on. Parth asks about the proof. Teni says it was in the phone. Parth asks where she get such cunning ideas from. Teni says she isn’t as downtrodden. Parth replies when she could take someone’s life, the word love and friendship aren’t for her. Indu tells Parth that words hurt worse than actions. Parth says it was her game, she deliberately broke the phone. Teni says Shorvari wanted to tell him something. Dadi asks what was in the video? Teni says Shorvari was being bad because she had brain tumor. She loved them and wanted not to hurt them all, that’s why she didn’t share it with the family. Parth stops
Teni and blames she has been using Shorvari’s death just to get her intentions. Parth blames Teni and says Shorvari must have shared any such thing with him at least. Indu and Dadi insist to get the phone fixed, Parth sends Pyaray Lal for getting the phone fixed and leaves. Mohini says Teni came out to be a drama queen. Dadi asks Teni why she didn’t share with them about Shorvari. Teni says she had promised Shorvari, Shorvari bear all the pain to see them all happy and requests them not to cry. Dadi sends her upstairs with Mohini, and cries at home.
Jagruti comes to Rishab who was playing a video game. He asks how she is here. Jagruti says she is now his sister in law, can’t she come to meet him. She asks Rishab what was his intentions, he agreed to marry Sejal instantly? She points she will now play a game, then wins a game on his tab and leaves. Rishab was afraid what Jagruti knows about him, and what if she ruins his plan. Jagruti thinks this fear of Rishab will bring the truth to her.
Jagruti calls the phone vendor but he informs Teni her cell phone can’t be repaired, its memory card crashed. Teni attempts to find the man who uploaded her video on internet. She comes to take Jagruti help.
Parth also wish to win everyone’s trust and searches the internet, then finds a proof against Teni. Parth comes downstairs to prove Teni as a liar. Teni gives him a number to prove her innocence. Parth wonders it’s strange, he also wants to prove her wrong through this number. Dada ji asks Parth to call the man, they will know what the truth is. When the man replies, Parth asks about the car accident video. He asks if a car hit the white car, was the accident because of that hit. They all hear the man explain.

PRECAP: Teni asks Parth why he wants to turn a lie to truth. Parth says Teni has filled everyone’s heart with sympathy for herself, but only hatred for her. He will hate her as much as he loves Shorvari, till death.

Written Update by Sona

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