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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 30th November 2017 Written Update: Kavita Accuses Karan

The Episode starts with Roma asking Rehaan is he fine. He says yes, stop this nonsense. She asks whom did you see, was it not me. He says of course, it was you, all this is nonsense. She argues. He says I must leave you, Richa find someone else for your experiment, don’t waste my time. Richa says fine, these experiments helped many people. He leaves. Laila gets angry reading news. Kittu says you used to say news don’t get printed on own. Laila says some guest has clicked these pics by phone, I will not leave him. She sees the same news on news channels.

Ahana comes to everyone and greets. Aarav says I m making coconut pudding for you. Ahana says I will surely like it, what are you making Roshni. Karan answers and praises Roshni. Ahana says I m very lucky. She looks around and
says its well maintained kitchen. Uma thanks her. Ahana suggests some changes. Yamini says such changes will look good. Kaka asks Ahana what’s her fav dishes, he wants to cook for her. She says I will eat whatever you make with love. He says then there is no problem. He asks Yamini to make list. Ahana asks can I check once. Yamini asks her to make list this time. Ahana says sure, I can know about family this way.

Laila calls her friend Shelly and says who can do this, who hates me. Shelly acts innocent. Laila asks her to find out who did this. Shelly asks her to relax. Roshni tells Karan that Yamini makes list, dad said nothing will change, Ahana is changing things. He says Ahana is the new owner, if she wants to run the house her way, then… she says you are supporting her, its wrong, Ahana is not my mom, I will never call her mom. Servants talk about Ahana’s clothes. Ahana gives full marks to both the dishes. Anant holds her hand. Ahana says I bake cupcakes well, you can call your best friend.

Reema asks for Rehaan. Aarav says Roshni stopped Karan when Rehaan wanted to take him. Roshni says yes, I had imp work. Kavita gets angry. Roshni says Karan is my best friendly. Reema says they got raised together. Ahana laughs talking to Aarav. She says Anant is more than my best friend, will you both make me your friend. Aarav agrees. They see Roshni. Roshni also agrees.

Roshni plays piano. Everyone smiles. Kavita sees Ahana. She recalls Laila’s words. Anant gets a call and goes. Kavita signs Ahana to come. Ahana goes to her. Kavita says I had to talk to you, please promise, you won’t feel bad. She gives the earring and says Karan had stolen it. Roshni hears them. She gets angry. She says you are lying. Kavita cries and says I have seen him picking the earring. Roshni gets shouting. Ahana says we will ask Karan, don’t get angry. Anant sees the news and gets upset. He hears Roshni and goes.

He asks the matter. Ahana says Kavita thinks Karan has stolen Laila’s earring. Karan comes. Roshni asks Karan to say Kavita is lying. Anant asks Karan to answer. Uma defends Karan. She scolds Kavita and asks her not to lie. Rehaan is in his car. He recalls Ahana. He says did Karan say right. FB shows Rehaan sharing his tension with Karan regarding Anant and Ahana’s marriage. Karan says so this news is troubling you, there will be some reason. Rehaan says I got this news late. Karan says one can have feelings for anyone, we just feel love, feelings come out when right time comes. FB ends.

Karan says Kavita is not lying, I have picked the earring. Ahana throws the earring and says it was ending peace here. Rehaan says I love Anant a lot, I have to reach the truth.

Written Update by Amena

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