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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 29th November 2017 Written Update: Rehaan Alerts Anant About Ahana

The Episode starts with Rehaan seeing Ahana and thinking of Gupta’s words. Reema asks Rehaan why are you staring Ahana like this, she is very pretty. Aarav sings kahin pe nigaahein…. Yamini stops Aarav and asks him to say sorry. Aarav says sorry. Rehaan jokes. Yamini says maybe Aarav heard this song somewhere. Aarav says Uma sings this. Reema says we shall make a new list for her. Anant asks Ahana to rest. They leave.

Laila says how could it disappear. Kittu says I have checked well, maybe someone took the earring. Laila thinks its good earring was not real. Saloni says bye mom, we will stay in hotel for few days. Tarun says then we will find a home. Laila asks why. Saloni says I can’t stay here. They argue. Laila says fine go if you want, you can’t survive on love, Tarun
has no job and house, I want to see how you live without my support. Tarun holds Saloni. They leave.

Ahana goes to sleep. Anant comes to room. Jeene bhi de…plays…. He sees her and smiles. She turns to him. She says I was waiting for you and slept. He says you got much tired, sleep. She thanks him. He asks why. She says be always like you are. He leaves. He comes to Roshni and Aarav. Aarav hugs him and says Roshni said you won’t come to say goodnight to us. Anant says nothing will change, I will come to say even good morning, go to sleep now. They hug Anant. He leaves. He goes to his workshop. Rehaan comes and asks are you here on your wedding night, sorry. Anant says shut up, Ahana was very tired, it was too much drama because of Gupta, what did you think.

Rehaan says I think Gupta was wrong about Saloni, I know her, she won’t marry for money, matter is something else, Gupta is not a fool, he wouldn’t lie in front of so many people, truth is something else. Anant says right, I think Ahana doesn’t know the truth either. Rehaan asks how can you say this, maybe she is hiding. Anant says you mean she is hiding truth. Rehaan says she doesn’t feel necessary to tell you. Anant says Ahana is my wife, if anyone says against her, I will feel its said against me, I will not tolerate my family get against me. He goes. Rehaan says I love you a lot, but I feel you got blind in your wife’s love, I can’t see all this.

Its morning, Ahana says you did good to come. Saloni says I couldn’t sleep all night, I was worried, are you fine. Ahana says I don’t care, we are Laila’s daughters, we have habit to see drama, I m happy to get away from that house. Saloni says even I left her house. Ahana says good, I m very happy for you, what’s the tension. Saloni says I went to show your kundli to pandit. FB shows Saloni asking pandit is everything fine. He says you did very late, you should have come before. She asks why. He says this marriage shouldn’t have happened, Ahana will have to face big problems and struggle to sustain this marriage, she will have the burden to keep this marriage, someone is a threat to her married life, she has to try hard that she doesn’t let anyone come between her and her husband. FB ends. Ahana gives a tensed look and laughs. Saloni says pandit’s prediction always turn true. Ahana says Anant and I are very happy, none can come between us, just Laila was a threat for me.

Rehaan asks Roma why did she call friends. She says just Richa and few friends are coming. He says I don’t know her. She says she is a big doctor, she is a hypnotherapist. He says its all nonsense. He changes mood and tries to smile. Richa greets Rehaan. Roma talks to her about hypnotherapy. Richa says reading people’s mind is amazing, Rehaan you okay. He says yes. Roma says he is fine, he is not able to sleep since few days. Richa asks him to have a session, hypnosis helps sleep disorders too. Rehaan says thanks, I don’t believe all this. She asks who said to believe, just have one session. Rehaan and Richa argue. Richa says you know I can prove you wrong, can you prove me wrong, tell me. Roma says that’s a challenge. Rehaan says well then challenge accepted. Richa asks what if I win. He says anything you say, I don’t hide anything. She asks him to close eyes and take a deep breath. He starts laughing. She says you are getting scared. He asks why will I get scared, we will do another time, I have no problems.

Richa says all right then, close your eyes, can you see anything. He sees a girl standing away while he goes to her with a bouquet in hand. He says its a beautiful place, soothing romantic music is going on. Kehte hai khuda ne…..plays… She asks who is there, can you see her. Rehaan says I came to meet someone, her hair are beautiful. She asks can you see her face. He says no, she has her back towards me. She says go close, greet her. Rehaan says I have come very close to her, she is turning towards me. Roma and Richa look at him and ask him to see her face. Ahana turns to Rehaan. He gets shocked seeing Ahana. He opens eyes and worries.

Anant holds Ahana’s hand. Roshni says I will never call her my mom. Rehaan thinks of Ahana and worries.

Written Update by Amena

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