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Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th November 2017 Written Update: Sangeeta-Suresh To Live In Dalvi House

Outside, Ajji tells Ravi she had prayed Ravi wins the challenge from Anjali. Ravi says she feels as if God is with her at each step. They move forward. Anjali spots the robbers and decides to move a little ahead of everyone so that they are unable to help her. She walks ahead, but the robbers attack the men with stabbers and hold knife at Vishi’s neck. Anjali resists but they try to loot the ladies and beat Avinash. Sangeeta and Suresh watch them beaten. Vishi fights the robbers, one of them hold a knife at his neck while the other moves to him with a stabber. Suresh jumps in to save Vishi by clutching the stabber with his hand. Vishi was shocked to see him fight. The thieves run away. Suresh’s hand bleed badly. Ravi watches blood seep through Vishi’s neck line.
In the kitchen, Sangeeta
apologizes Anjali and says she knows she must be angry. She had shown them a photo of Anjali and Vishi together; but they must be relieved that the mission got accomplished. Now Anjali would witness what Sangeeta is worth of. Ravi sat with the injured Vishi and wonders if it was a real attack or any drama of Sangeeta and Suresh. Sangeeta comes to Suresh. Ravi says if Suresh wasn’t there, she wonders what must have happened. She questions how Suresh reached there in time. Sangeeta says it’s God who saved Suresh. Ajji was thankful for Suresh to save Vishi. Suresh says Vishi is his nephew as well, his blood; what if a little blood was shed to save his life. Ravi asks how they had come here. Sangeeta says they had come here to apologize them all, they are leaving this city forever now. Anjali nods at Sangeeta approvingly. Suresh says they have no option but to tell them the truth. Their house has been locked, he lost his job and was indebted. Sangeeta says they only tried to steal the FD papers so that they don’t have to sale their house. Suresh says they are staying at a friend. Now they decided to shift to Puna and turns to leave. Sangeeta gives Suresh a red cloth piece with an idol in it, whenever she will see it she might realize his love for her. Ajji breaks into cry. Suresh loses his balance while walking outside. Sangeeta takes her by arm. Ajji announces no one will leave. Sangeeta and Suresh share a victorious look. Ajji was crying and says they can’t see each other in pain, everyone commit mistakes but repentance is the greatest thing. Suresh wasn’t ready to stay here, as they have hurt them all a lot. Anjali also stops them and says Suresh hasn’t been able to walk well. Ajji asks Avinash to say something but he was silent. Suresh says he knows well they don’t want him to stay here, it’s their house. Avinash says this is Ajji’s house, and if Ajji wish he can stay here. Suresh comes to Ajji and get to her feet. She blesses him, while he smirks looking towards Sangeeta. Ravi notices the expression change and sense something wrong.
Suresh speaks to Sangeeta that their plan went wrong. Sangeeta asks if he thinks the robbers attacked Vishi by mistake. Ravi was thoughtful that there is surely some plan of Sangeeta and Suresh coming here. She watches Sangeeta and Suresh speaking to each other. Sangeeta says Ajji’s life is stuck in Vishi, not Anjali. Sangeeta gets a call and tells the man on phone he will get his money. She fix a meeting with that robber at 7pm. Sangeeta says she will get away of the matter by meeting him tonight.
In the kitchen, Bella appreciates Ajji’s cooking. Ajji says today she has mixed feeling of happiness and fear. Ravi asks her not to mind, but there may be a hidden plan behind this all. Ajji says she won’t forgive them if they again commit a mistake. She is a mother, she must give him one chance. She shouldn’t feel later that her child needed her and she didn’t give him a chance. Vishi brings Ajji a phone of Vinayak, she promises to be there. Ajji was tensed as her mausi was unwell and hospitalized. Vishi goes to book her tickets, while Ravi packs her bag.
At night, Anjali gives Aarti to everyone but Ravi. Sangeeta smirks. Vishi brings Ravi a shirt for ironing. It was 7pm. Ravi notices Sangeeta’s phone bell ring. Sangeeta walks outside in an unnoticed way. Ravi leaves the iron and goes behind Sangeeta. Sangeeta walks towards the auto stand where a man waited for her. Ravi recognizes the robber. Sangeeta asks the robber for some time. The robber wasn’t ready to lend her any more time. Ravi was determined to unveil Sangeeta.

PRECAP: Anjali says its time for a third person to come, they need to play their game. A young girl is introduced.

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