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Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th December 2017 Written Update: Ravi Misses On Real Ajji

The impostor tells Ravi she was about to lose her own life in quest of saving Ajji. She tells Ravi it’s a rule of the world to only care about one’s own life. She mocks that Ajji came at their door step, still Ravi couldn’t save her; this is fate. Ravi wonders who this lady is and where she came from.
Suresh and Sangeeta come to meet a guy in a huge car. Sangeeta wish to have such a car, once the deal is finalized. RV (the builder Ravi was caught with) comes out of the car. Sangeeta demands for the money before papers. They were excited to see the money. RV questions what kind of a joke is this, and throws the empty envelope over Suresh’s face. Sangeeta says
she herself placed the papers but RV’s men were already beating Suresh.
Vishi comes to meet a friend who arranged for a new house for Vishi. Vishi hands him a file of documents required.
Ravi was in the kitchen and says she can’t hide this all from Vishi for long. Vishi comes to Ravi. She wished to speak to Vishi but Vishi says he has found a remedy for everyone’s behavior. Avinash comes to ask Ravi for a cup of tea. Ravi says they must save Ajji. Anjali comes there and worried, Ravi makes up that they need to save Ajji from sweet. Anjali wonders what happened to her, Ravi reminds she didn’t fast this week as well. Ravi leaves with the tea for Avinash. Vishi wonders if Ravi would be happy with his decision to shift in another house.
The impostor again harass Ajji for lying about the papers and hiding them. Ajji cries that she isn’t lying, papers were there in the envelope. She was worried as the impostor warns her about hurting Ravi. She promises to soon bring a new video of Ravi to her. Ajji cries for Ravi helplessly.
The impostor comes to kitchen and demands she wants to have food cooked on woods today. She asks Ravi if she will cook for her. Ravi agrees. The impostor thinks this fire will be a way to Ravi’s death.

PRECAP: Ravi ignites the woods outdoor to cook. There was a blast. Sangeeta and Suresh cheer, while other hurry outside. From Who Apna Sa, Arjun comes to Chinni to make it up. Chinni says she is going to police station to report a complaint against them.

Written Update by Sona

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