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Dil Dhoondta Hai 22nd November 2017 Written Update

Ravi walks over the coal bed. There Vishi finally gets conscious and takes Ravi’s name. Anjali was upset and walks out of the house thinking Vishi is still thinking about Ravi. Ravi returns home with burnt feet and asks Anjali about Vishi. Anjali pushes her away as Vishi doesn’t belong to her. Vishi walks to the door by then and opens his arms for Ravi. She runs to hug Vishi.
Later, Ajji brings Ravi outside to Anjali and says she has walked over burning coals for Vishi’s life. No one can do this for anyone. Anjali watches her burnt feet but can’t get out of past dilemma. She holds Ravi’s hand and drags her outside. Ravi was unable to walk, Ajji stops Anjali but she stops by the temple, and ties a thread over her wrist. She says Ravi has one last chance to turn her thinking false.
Until Vishi recovers, Ravi must prove she is worth her Vishi. If Ravi proves so, she herself would accept her defeat; else Ravi must leave the house. Ravi accepts the challenge. Anjali walks inside.
The next morning, the ladies from neighbors bring Vishi eatables to recover. Ravi comes outside. Ajji gives Ravi space, she will help Vishi eat it. Vishi sits to eat from Ravi’s hand. Ajji was happy to see them together, they all compliment that Ravi and Vishi suit each other. The ladies meet Anjali outside the house. Anjali invites them for pooja in the evening. The ladies say there must be a pooja for Ravi as well, she walked over the fire just for Vishi.
Inside, Ravi and Vishi were alone. Vishi takes the spoon from Ravi’s hand to give a bite to her. Ravi helps Vishi lay down again, he holds her hand as she turns to leave. Anjali comes inside to watch them hand in hand. She takes Ravi to prepare Prasad for the pooja.
In the kitchen, Ajji was shocked to hear about such amount of Prasad. Anjali says Pandit ji asked her to, and reminds she had done Lakshmi Pooja and prepared even greater amount of Prasad. Ravi agrees to prepare it.
Outside, someone breaks glass bottles and makes a powder of it in mortar and pestle, then collects the powder in a plastic bag. Ajji instructs Ravi to prepare the laddu. Anjali forbids her to help, if Ravi fails this testimony she must leave this house today.
Ravi was preparing the Prasad in the kitchen when she notices the shadow in the kitchen window. Someone passed outside. She goes to check outside but no one was there. Later, Ravi was cooking the floor. Anjali wakes Vishi up for medicine and calls Ravi to bring water. The lady with glass powder pour it in the dish and mixes well from outside the window. Vishi complains there is much drowsiness after taking this medicine. Anjali promises to wake him up in the evening at the time of pooja. Ravi helps Vishi lay back and comes to prepare the Prasad. Ajji compliments the smell and sits to teach her mix sugar in it. Ravi now takes the powder in her hand to knead it, she screams in pain while her hands are injured.

PRECAP: The lady wearing gloves pour oil on the doorway of washroom. As Ravi slips she locks the door from outside. Ravi notices the oil poured there.

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