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Dil Dhoondta Hai 17th November 2017 Written Update: Sangeeta’s Game Ended

Anjali pushes Ravi out of the house. Vishi asks what this all is. Sangeeta says Ravi tried to take Anjali’s life. Vishi asks Ravi what happened. Anjali asks if only Ravi would speak the truth. Vishi explains he didn’t mean so. Anjali complains Vishi didn’t inquire if she is fine, she asks Ravi if she is relieved now after snatching her son from her. She curses the day she accepted their proposal. She wish Ravi hadn’t come into their lives. She has snatched them of all the peace. Vishi tells Anjali to speak politely to Ravi. Anjali further complains Vishi for having changed. Today he listens to Ravi who doesn’t care his mother lives or not. Vishi says he didn’t change, Anjali has. He says Anjali always understood him, but she has ceased everything. He is hurt when she hurts Ravi,
why can’t she see his love for Ravi. She always wants to prove Ravi wrong; just for her irritation. He loves her, but Ravi is his wife and it’s his responsibility to keep her happy. He must see if she is happy or not, if this is his responsibility as a husband. Anjali says alright, he must bear his responsibility then. She doesn’t need a son like him. She says if Ravi has a problem he must leave the house with Ravi. Vishi asks what Anjali would get by ruining his life. Avinash slaps Vishi calling him shameless, and questions if he considers his mother as wrong today. He forgot everything she did for them. He is ashamed to call Vishi his son.
Ajji says Anjali is right, she can witness those who are creating restlessness in the house. She wants to decide the people creating this restlessness won’t live in this house anymore. She watches Ravi crying badly, then signals Sangeeta to leave her house at once. Sangeeta and Suresh were shocked. Ajji shouts at Suresh to get out at once. Sangeeta says it was all Ravi’s mistake. Avinash asks what the drama is. Sangeeta blames Ravi for everything happening here, she tells Avinash about feeding Anjali with pakora having her ring. Avinash was shocked. Ajji warns Sangeeta to answer her before blaming Ravi. She brings out her ring and asks if it’s her? Sangeeta doesn’t reply. Ajji shows a photo in which she wore the ring. Ajji says a ring can fall in pakora mix without one knowing it. She then notices Pakora stain in her pallu and asks if she had hidden one? Sangeeta was speechless. Ajji asks Kavita to bring the small bowl of mix. Ravi says she mixed it in the large bowl. Ajji says it was all done by Sangeeta, she attempted to take Anjali’s life. Ajji questions Sangeeta why she always want to harm her house? Sangeeta cries that her family is suspicious about her. Ravi’s ring got to Anjali’s throat; why blame her. Ajji says it could be a mistake. Vishi says the ring was lose. Suresh says they are blaming his wife pointlessly. Ajji tells Suresh Sangeeta even stole Ravi’s jewelry. She tells Ravi she had forbidden her to share it with family, but it’s time she tells this to everyone. Ravi narrates everything from Sangeeta under the bed, her confession to fall of her phone in the bucket. Anjali asks Ajji why she took the blame over herself. Ajji sits on the bed and says she did it for the sake of her motherhood, she was greedy to keep her sons together with her. She didn’t tell everyone because jewelry was recovered, she wanted to save her house. But she forgot Sangeeta would never get better ever. She was about to take Anjali’s life just to downgrade Ravi. Avinash comes to Suresh and questions if he knew about it all, or was he a part of this all. Suresh defends Sangeeta saying they all witnessed how Ravi twisted Sangeeta’s arm. Ravi throws a tape over Sangeeta, she catches it well and shouts if she has gone crazy. Vishi smiles that Sangeeta defended herself so well. Ajji laughs that Sangeeta’s lie has been caught again. She shouts at her to get lost. Sangeeta throws the bandage and leaves.
Ravi stops them and asks about FD letter, which Suresh has. Sangeeta says they have nothing. Vishi asks Kaka about the letter. Avinash holds his arms and asks Vishi to search for it. They discover the letter. Avinash was disgusted about Suresh and insults him. Sangeeta says Avinash has lived over everything Suresh is an equal partner. She complains Ajji always thought about Avinash or his family. She never thought about Suresh. Ajji was upset that Suresh had gone behind his wife. A mother never forgets her children, she allowed them to live here. This time she has broken the house, irreparably. Sangeeta now insults Ajji, her house would break again as Ravi will soon take Vishi away from the house. Ajji pushes them all out and shouts at Suresh to get away. They all take Ajji inside. Ravi comes to Anjali but she leaves annoyed. Ravi asks Anjali to come home, she knows Anjali is upset with her but if she had seen she didn’t mix the ring in mixes. Sangeeta wanted to create misunderstandings between them. Anjali says Ravi gave Sangeeta a chance to create the misunderstanding. Ravi made her family and son stand against her. Ravi cries in apology but Anjali goes inside. Ravi cries sitting on the stairs there when someone places a hand over her shoulder. It was Parneet (Tau ji).

PRECAP: Parneet asks Ravi how she will stay in such little space, their cattle live in better places. She must pack her bags, he is waiting for her outside. Ravi follows her, the family was silent.

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