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Dhhai Kilo Prem 28th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Madhuri asking Deepu to give tea to Piyush. Deepu says she has challenged his manhood and now he will get 2 lakhs rs. She asks her not to think. Tushar brings tea for Piyush. Piyush tells that he is thinking about Babu ji’s shop and tells that supermarket is giving tough competition to his shop. Tushar says it is good as Babu ji’s mind is diverted from you. Piyush says he is elder son and has some responsibility. Tushar says he is changed after marriage. Deepu asks Piyush if these dialogues of his or of someone else. Piyush says he will manage to get money and also fridge and asks her to make cooker cake. Deepu whistles signing him. Tushar says you are super smart. He comes to Meghna and tells her that Deepu is good and says don’t know who have sent that message, why she will get her brother beaten up. Meghna says she don’t want to go with him. Madhuri comes and gives money to Tushar. Piyush tells Amit that he needs 2.5 lakhs for Pankaj’s shop. Amit says it will take time to get such big amount. Piyush tells Deepu’s words and thinks if they get old while trying to get that amount. He asks Amit to do something. Amit asks him to come to his shop.

Deepu comes to meet Rahul and asks if he is having fever. Rahul says he is fine now, but tomorrow is his look test. Deepu asks him to rest first. Rahul says you worries for me much. Deepu says it is her mistake as she should have talked to him. She asks why did he chose Meghna. Rahul says Producer liked her seeing the pics. Deepu asks if there is any love matter.

Piyush tries to sell insurance policy, tries hard but couldn’t succeed. He gets depressed. Amit tells him about the burger competition which can get him money. Piyush says I am fat, but that doesn’t mean that I will win money. Madhuri and deepu are working in kitchen and talking. Pankaj gives her money and says more cooker cakes are sold today. Deepu says Sarika’s friend will be happy. Pankaj tells Madhuri that he went to supermarket today and saw how they arranged the things. He says he will renovate his shop today. Deepu says now she is sure that Babu ji will not refuse. They get worry from where we will get money. Deepu says she will hit his band. Madhuri gets upset and asks her to talk to Piyush with love. Deepu says she loves him very much and says once Piyush succeed to get money, Pankaj will be very happy. Amit calls Deepu and asks about Piyush. He tells about the contest. Deepu looks on. Rahul is going out. Rukmini stops him and asks if he is going to meet lafandar girl. Rahul gets furious. Rukmini says he is handsome and will get beautiful girl. Rahul gets irritated and goes. Rukmini gets upset.

Piyush comes home and sees the house decorated with lights. He thinks what is this? Deepu comes and says today is our first week anniversary. Piyush blows on the candle. Deepu says I don’t know until when I am here, so wants to celebrate. Piyush says you wants to celebrate. Deepu says she has done this arrangement with her money. She says I have earned money by selling cooker cake, and asks what did you get? Piyush says he went to sell policy, but…Deepu says by selling policy he can’t get money and asks him to participate in the competition. Piyush says he can’t win. Deepu says being fat is not a sin. She says everyone have some quality and says they all love him and says everyone will feel proud of him. She says happy anniversary and shows the cake. Piyush don’t agree. Deepu says it is a good chance to win 2.5 lakhs. Piyush says he will not participate. Deepu says she will participate, as it is her responsibility now. She asks him to change his Mr title with her Ms title and challenges his manhood asking him to wear saree and bangles. Piyush accepts her challenge.

Piyush tells Deepu that if he loses then he will wear bangles and if he wins then she has to get her hairs cut like him. Deepu agrees.

Written Update by H Hasan

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