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Devanshi 21st September 2017 Written Update: Kalki Does A Drama

The Episode starts with Pavan and Vardaan arguing. Vardaan refuses to divorce Devanshi. She asks him to stay in senses. Vardaan says I have now come to senses. Pavan says I will not leave him today. He takes Vardaan. Vardaan angrily pushes Pavan and Devanshi. She gets hurt. Kalki looks on. Kusum scolds Devanshi for taking Pavan’s side instead her husband Vardaan. Devanshi asks her to stay away from this. Kusum says this is my son’s matter. Gopi asks Vardaan why is he troubling Devanshi, he can’t force himself on her. Vardaan asks him not to say in between. Nutan says we also have a right, we are with Devanshi in this matter.

Kusum says these people are yours, none is with you, its just me with you. Pavan says you both are here just because of Kalki, stay in limit, else I will throw you
out. He taunts Vardaan. Devanshi says sign the divorce papers, else I will have to go court, I will not stay with you. Vardaan looks on.

Nutan asks Devanshi to apply medicine on wound. Devanshi says its small wound. Nutan thanks her for making her free from the sins. Devanshi says its nothing like that. Nutan asks Pavan to explain Devanshi. She goes. Devanshi says don’t know what happened to Vardaan, he is doing this madness. Pavan does the aid and tells her to keep herself fine so that she can protect Kalki. She says you are also hurt, but you are trying to bring smile on my face. He says I get angry when Vardaan misbehaves with you.

Kalki is with her friend. Her friend feeds her kheer. Kusum thinks to convince Kalki so that she can keep darbar tomorrow, she can get money from people. She asks Kalki to come and sleep. She asks the girl to leave now. The girl goes. Kusum says I will sing lullaby for you. Devanshi comes and says Kalki won’t go anywhere, she will sleep with me, she told me she will sleep with me. She asks Kalki not to get scared, none can force her. Kalki hugs Kusum. Devanshi gets shocked and thinks all my hardwork went wrong, Kusum has fed her the kheer. Devanshi sees the mauli thread and thinks of tying it to Kalki’s hand.

The girl comes to Maya. Maya smiles and thinks my work is done, Kalki has come in my sin side again. Devanshi can’t do anything. Devanshi comes there. Maya starts taunting her on her over confidence. Devanshi says I have born to end sinners like you, I know how to save Kalki, if I can save her once, I can save her again. She goes. Maya laughs and says you can’t save her. Kusum teaches some tricks to Kalki.

Maya comes there. She asks Kalki to go and play with toys. Kalki goes. Maya asks Kusum not to force Kalki, else game will be spoiled, explain with love. Kusum says she doesn’t learn by love, I didn’t get money. Maya says make Devanshi away from Kalki first. Kusum says how can I do this. Maya says use Vardaan, we have to make him against Devanshi, use this fact that he is her husband, awaken his male ego, if you keep Devanshi away from Kalki till amavasya, you can get Kalki and profit too. Devanshi cries and says I failed to get Kalki. Kalki comes and gets angry on her. She scolds Devanshi. Kusum asks Kalki to come and sleep, there is darbar tomorrow. Devanshi cries and goes to Kalki. Kalki wipes her tears and apologizes for hurting her. She tells Devanshi that she has done acting on Pavan’s saying. Devanshi gets glad knowing Pavan’s plan. She hugs Kalki. They smile. Pavan thinks I won’t let anything happen to Kalki, Devanshi will win this fight.

Maya provokes Vardaan. Vardaan goes and attacks Devanshi. Pavan and Gopi come there. Vardaan falls down.

Written Update by Amena

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