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Chandrakanta 19th November 2017 Written Update: Chandrakantha Takes Revenge From Bhadra

Iravathi eagerly asks Surya shows her new face and is shocked seeing Chandrakantha’s face. Veer enters and even he is shocked. Surya asks if she became so ugly and seeing herself in water asks whose face is this. Iravathi scolds vaidya what did he do. Vaidya says he changed face which Bhadra showed and shows Bhadra’s created portrait. Iravathi shouts no.. Chandrakantha reminisces planning with her father that she will get back her real face via vaidya. Father says then he will perform his daughter’s last rights and send her into peace forever. Chandrakantha says she will take revenge from her enemies living among them. Out of flashback, Chandrakantha says she is Surya and does not want ghost’s face. Iravathi orders Vaidya to change back Surya’s face. Vaidya says
he cannot and if he does, Surya’s face will spoil. Iravathi walks in and is shocked. Vaidya says Vaidya is fake and how did he Iravathi’s vaidya went to Himalayas suddenly, it is Surya’s conspiracy. Swayam walks in and even he is shocked. Iravathi asks him to go to his room and hopes he does not become rakshas/monster seeing Chandrakantha’s face. Surya/ Chandrakantha tongue lashes vaidya in her usual style and then yells at Bhadra and Iravathi next. She asks Iravathi if she will not punish Bhadra for her crime. Iravathi says she will punish whoever does crime and orders guards to throw Bhadra and Vaidya in jail. Bhadra shouts it is Surya/ Chandrakantha’s conspiracy while being taken away.

Iravathi takes Bhadra and vaidya to experiment room and asks them to drink truth deriving elixir and show if they are telling truth or not. Bhadra tries to convince her that someone is conspiring against them and wants them to fight. Chandrakantha walks to her room with father and tells him that she will punish Bhadra first. Veer asks guards to not let anyone enter Surya’s room. Chandrakantha thinks how to go out and punish Bhadra. She starts throwing vases shouting she does not want ghost’s face. Guards call female guards to go and calm Surya. They walk in and does not see Surya and window open. They all shout Surya eloped. Chandrakantha hangs to ceiling and jumps back to floor when guards and servants leave. She rushes out towards jail. Her father informs her that Iravathi took Vaidya and experiment room to know truth. Iravathi forces vaidya to drink elixir and sees visuals of his brain. Iravathi via magic shows Iravathi showing Chandrakantha’s face to vaidya. Iravathi thentsts Bhadra, and Chandrakantha changes even her brain visuals. Iravathi fumes. Bhadra says it is a conspiracy against them. Iravathi sends her to jail. Chandrakantha feels very weak after performing magic. FAteh say she did unbelievable and it was very difficult act. Chandrakantha says god is on her side.

Veer practices sword and shouts why he cannot forget Chandrakantha. Swayam shouts at him that he tricked and does not have right to live. He is about to behead Veer when Iravathi enters and stops Swayam and scolds to apologize his brother who is obeying and protecting him each day. In jail, Umang informs Tej whole incident happened. Tej says they have to see if it is really Chandrakantha, and for that he has to go out of jail somehow. Bhadra is brought in by guard and she shouts she is black magician and can kill them all. She creates havoc and guards collapse. Tej stops her. Guards take her to cell while she continues shouting. Tej creates his replica and escapes from jail.

Chandrakantha runs to jungle wearing mask and guards follow her. She escapes. She then meets Sonakshi and Sonakshi reminisces how Surya met her and convinced she is Chandrakantha reminding all their incidents happened together. Out of flashback, Chandrakantha says they together will take revenge from their enemies and Veer is her next target. Guard informs Veeer that a masked person ran into jungle. Veer gets concerned for Surya and searches her in jungle. He gets her anklet and gets more concerned. He then sees Surya sitting under tree and cursing herself for getting ghost’s face now. Veer walks in and Surya yells at him in her usual style. Arugment continues and Surya asks what he wants. He says he wants her.

Preap: Wild boar attacks Veeer. Veer kills it and smiles at Surya/Chandrakantha.

Written Update by H Hasan

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