bigg boss 11 colors

Akash Dadlani is may not look promising as far as Salman Khan is concerned but apparently the rockstar rapper got some positive remarks from the former Bigg Boss winner Gauhar Khan.Salman Khan will be going to lash out Akash Dadlani for the claims to be connected with the Music Composer Vishal Dadlani. Music Composer Vishal Dadlani recently tweeted that he is not connected to the Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani in any way. There will be a major fight from the Benafsha Soonawalla and Luv Tyagi to Akash Dadlani in the Bigg Boss house. Both are done with the pretending relative to composer VishalDadlani. After so much conflicts and fights, it will be hard for him to find any strong supporter.


Also, it will give a wrong impression to the world about him on national Television. Only the Gauhar Khan, ex-Bigg Boss winner came to his support. She tweeted saying ““A-kash or akash …. Ure real , loyal , all heart … I don’t know u , but I hope u go long in this show !!! N u are grounded ! (sic).”It is not the first time that Gauhar Khan has came forward to support the Bigg Boss contestant. Earlier before when Hinacommented on Shilpa for not able to read English was also the time when she slammed Hina Khan for her diction. She has said on twitter “Kya padhna naa aana koi buri baat hai??? Agar aapko angrezi nahi aati are u uneducated ?? Hmmmmmmmm ? (sic),”


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