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Bhootu 21st November 2017 Written Update: Aarav Accepts His Crime On Suchi’s Insistence

Suchi goes to Aarav’s office and shows him Pihu’s murder file on projector and asks why did he kill Pihu, she even met Vinayak who accepted his crime and agreed that he cut Pihu’s kitchen gas pipe on his order. Aarav agrees that he ordered Vinayak, but he wanted to kill Subodh and his wife and their daughter died instead. Suchi slaps and beats Aarav repeatedly and shouts how dare he is to kill her Suchi.

Anandita reaches Rakhi’s house and checks Subdoh’s call details. She finds out multiple conversations between Subodh and Aarav. Subodh rings door bell. Anandita hides. Rakhi opens door. Subodh asks where is Anandita. Rakhi says she is not here and if she knows where she is, she will not say. Subodh says Anandita is doing wrong by doubting her husband and investigating against him.

Suchi continues beating and abusing Aarav and shouts how can he kill such a small kid, howmuch pain her Pihu must have felt. Aarav asks how is Pihu related to her. Suchi says it is a relationship of heart and continues beating Aarav. Arav says he did not know that kid came and died. Suchi says even if he had killed Pihu’s parents, Pihu would have died without her parents. She curses Arav that he will never be in peace and will die each day without love. Aarav pleads to stop. Suchi continues shouting and collapses. Aarav rushes her to hospital in his car.

Pihu gets worried for Suchi when she does not reach till night. Gopal tries to console her. She blames Gopal and says he will be punished soon. She then runs on road searching Suchi and asks people, but nobody can hear her.

Aarav rushes Suchi to hospital. Doc says she is not responding well to treatment and asks how did she collapses. Aarav says he is reason for her condition and prays god to cure Suchi soon. They then rush her in ambulance. Pihu calls Aarav from landline and says she is Suchi’s Pihu. Aarav says he cannot hear. Doc calls Aarav and says Suchi’s condition is worsening. Aarav rushes towards ambulance.

Precap: Aandita says she is right about Subdoh and Mansi. Aarav meets a tied mentally unstable woman and calls her Mansi.

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