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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2017 Written Update: New trouble for Bakool

The Episode starts with Jigna asking Baa to get coconut. Baa goes to bring it. Ranjeet sees Bakool at visarjan’s place and asks why didn’t you come home. Bakool says I knew you would be coming here. He takes him to side. Jigna sees Sheena and says you are here? She greets her and says this idol came to her house first. Sheena says you took this idol home by mistsake. Jigna says no and tells that her Vishnu ji’s name was written on it. Sheena says Harry’s name. Jigna says no, her Vishnu ji, before she could point towards Bakool. Bakool says it doesn’t matter and saves the situation. Harry says Jigna made murti with her hand. Sheena says it is eco friendly idol and will dissolve fast in water. They immerse the idol in water.

At Ranjeet’s house, Bakool gets drowsy after having
bhaang. Ranjeet says he made him have bhaang. Bakool says Ranjeet imagined God Shiva and tells that he came home indisguise of God. Harry says he is drunk and that’s why saying this. Sheena says he is under the bhaang influence. Bakool tells that he has two wives. Sheena and Ranjeet aare shocked. Harry says he is under bhaang influence.

Next morning, Bakool gets down the stairs with much difficulty. Baa asks Jigna what happened to him. Bakool tells Baa that he got manly disease. Jigna asks what? Baa says that’s why I am thinking why happiness is not coming here. Bakool says he got acne on the thigh. Baa asks him to show his thigh. Baa says I am not child now. Baa asks him to show to Jigna. Jigna sees it and says it is a baal tod, laughs. He says he will take medication from doctor. He gets a call and goes. Baa tells Jigna that Bakool got baal tod because of sheher wali.

Sheena comes back from club. Ranjeet asks how did she play? Sheena says she is a champion. Ranjeet asks her to tell Bakool to play lawn tennis with her. Bakool comes there. Ranjeet asks what happened to you. Bakool says it is very embarrassing. Ranjeet asks if Harry played with you. Sheena asks him to say what happened? Bakool says he got boils. Ranjeet says how he will play lawn tennis. He says he used to play doubles in his age. Bakool says even he is playing doubles. Ranjeet says result is not out yet. Sheena hits on his back with badminton. Ranjeet asks her to treat him. Neighbor asks Jigna to treat Bakool with home remedy and asks how did he walk? Jigna demonstrates how he is walking. Neighbor asks her to apply hot arbi leaves on the boils, others give other remedies. Malti comes there and asks what happened? Jigna tells that Bakool got boils. Malti asks her to give pillow to him so that he can sit. Bakool is having painful moment as he can’t sit on chair. Juhi comes and says client is angry. She asks him to sign. Harry asks Bakool to sit. Bakool signs on the papers and asks Juhi to go. Harry teases him and asks him to sit. Bakool gets upset. Harry says he brought tyre for him and makes him sit on it. Bakool gets happy and says acne adjusted well.

Jigna brings pillows to office. Ranjeet says he came to work here and not to sleep. Jigna says Vishnu ji got boils. Ranjeet thinks something is wrong.

Baa tells how Bakool will go to office now. Jigna says she will take him on cart. She takes him on cart to office.

Written Update by H Hasan

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