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Badho Bahu 30th November 2017 Written Update: Komal Is Given Sleeping Pills Stealthily

Lucky puts Komal on a bed. She is in a semi conscious state and they let her rest there. Kamla ji smirks. Jamuna ji and Malti are with Komal. Malti ji tells Komal not to worry. Your mother and I did puja for you and you also trust Bholenath. Whatever will happen will happen for good. Komal is confused as to how she passed out. Kamla ji watches them and thinks she cannot take credit for this. Malti ji is about to give medicine to Komal but Kamla ji first advises her to cover Komal with the duvet. Jamuna ji and Kamla ji get busy in covering Komal. Kamla ji exchanges the medicines. Komal takes the medicines when everyone settles down. Kamla ji suggests her to take rest now. Sleep well. Komal falls asleep.

Pinki asks her MIL if she put Badho to sleep permanently. I am scared. Kamla ji assures her
it isn’t permanent. I have made sure though that she wont wake up tomorrow. Malti gave her sleeping pill because of which Badho wont wake up tomorrow. How will she fight then? Raghubir ji and his family will be insulted and they wont be able to look anyone in the eye. Just wait and watch. Badho will lose tomorrow at any cost. Lucky and Raghubir ji will also stop wrestling for forever!

Next morning, everyone is cheering for Babita Phogat in the village.

Komal is still fast asleep. Lucky gets ready. He sits down next to her. I know you are in a deep sleep and I don’t even wish to wake you up. It’s a very big day for you today. You will feel fresh when you will wake up. I will wait outside for you.

Everyone is gathered to see the fight. Reporters report the news live. Babita Phogat enters just then. She receives a grand and warm welcome from everyone. Raghubir ji looks tensed when Kamla ji greets Babita. People are very enthusiastic to see her especially Kamla ji. Babita thanks them for inviting her here. Kailash ji thanks her for joining them. Everyone here was waiting madly for you. Jatta invites her on stage. Babita seeks Raghubir ji’s blessings. He relates that she was really young when she first came here. She smiles. He gives her a small welcome gift after which they all take their seats. Jatta requests Babita to say something. Lucky is waiting for Komal. Babita thanks everyone for the love and respect that they gave to her by calling her here. I am proud of the girls of Haryana who wish to wrestle. I am also proud of their parents and families who encourage them. I assure you you will see a very Dhakad match today! I am very excited to meet Badho Bahu right now. She takes her seat again. Kamla ji and Pinki smile.

Jamuna ji and Malti ji try waking Komal but in vain. Payal also asks her to wake up. Entire village is waiting for you outside. Jamuna ji points out that this has never happened before. Even Malti jis surprised. She finishes all the chores by this time. Payal lifts her by her head but Malti ji becomes concerned for Komal. She has never done it. I will wake her up at any cost. She tries again but gets hurt instead.

Villagers begin to gossip about Badho. Seems like she got afraid of Babita. A female Reporter reports this very news live as well. Raghubir ji asks Lucky about Komal. Lucky relates that she was sleeping when he left the room. She wasn’t feeling well last night so I let her sleep. He goes inside to check on her.

Jatta addresses people. Some school girls take Babita’s autograph. Kamla ji thinks Badho will come only when she will wake up!

Lucky comes to his room. All 3 ladies tell him that they tried everything but Komal isn’t waking up. Lucky says we must wake her up as everyone is waiting for her only. He goes to call doctor.

Kamla ji sends Pinki inside to check on Badho.

Jatta diverts people’s attention. Let’s give some more time to our Komal Bhabhi. Villagers tell him to tell them honestly if she will come or not. Tell us if she has run away!

Doc checks Komal. It seems like she took sleeping pills. Everyone is shocked / confused. Pinki watches them from outside.

People think how they will lose their money if Badho wont even step out of her house. They place new bet on the fact if she will even come out of not. Betting starts right then and there.

Doc asks them if Komal takes sleeping pills. Jamuna ji declines. She toils hard throughout the day. She does not need any such medicine. Doc relates that she will only wake up when their effect will wear off. Malti ji points out that she only gave medicines to Badho. I gave her the same medicines which I was advised to give. Pinki hears it from outside and smiles.

Precap: Ladies ask Pinki if Badho will come or not. Pinki lies that she took many sleeping pills and tried to commit suicide. Jatta dismisses the match but Badho comes out just then. Babita and Komal start their match.

Written Update by Pooja

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