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Badho Bahu 28th November 2017 Written Update: Payal Foils Kamla Ji’s Plan Again!

Raghubir ji notices the preps and people discussing about the competition. He worries that this can affect Badho.

Loveena tells Komal to get ready for practise but Kamla ji takes Komal with her for some game. Payal thinks Kamla Tai ji can go to any extent to stop Badho’s practise. Jatta explains the rules of the game. Komal signals Lucky. Komal’s team keeps the pots on their heads while Lucky’s team takes the slingshot. Payal whispers in Lucky’s ears. I feel Kamla Tai ji wont let Komal go practise till (she whispers in Lucky’s ears). Lucky smiles at her.

Rana aims at Pinki’s pot but fails in breaking it. It is Payal’s turn next. She targets Kamla ji’s pot but misses her target. Lucky goes next. Payal tells him to hit bulls’ eye. Komal is impressed. I am out of the game
now. She tells her team members not to lose hope. Play well. Kamla ji stops her from going anywhere. Will you leave your team like this? I would have encouraged my team if I was in your place! You are the captain of this team. It is your responsibility. Komal coughs. Payal says you seem ill. Go inside and take some rest. Kamla ji declines. She is my team captain. She cannot go. Payal reasons that even they rest when they are ill. I have an idea to your problem. She advises Badho to choose a vice captain in her absence. Kamla Ma ji is most senior after all. She will keep encouraging everyone too. Komal smiles and just follows Payal’s words. She keeps coughing in between to add effect to her lie. Komal goes inside. Payal tells Kamla Ma ji she has the responsibility of entire team now and I have the slingshot. I will break all the pots. Pinki whispers in her MIL’s ears. Forget everything. Now you have to make us win the game. Payal aims the Kamla ji’s pot but Kamla ji’s gets hurt on the hand instead.

Komal and Loveena are practising inside. Lucky observes them. Loveena praises Komal. You have improved so much in so less time. Just tighten your grip and give your best. Komal agrees to give her 500%. Lucky is sure she will win then. He stops some villagers. Please go out. The guys relate that everyone has placed a bet in the village. Komal asks them if they feel she will defeat Babita. They deny. We are sure you wont even survive for more than 30 seconds. Babita has a record of defeating her opponent in 3 minutes flat. You just have to survive for 30 seconds. Lucky shoos them away. Lucky and Loveena advise her not to focus on anything but her practise. Komal leaves to drink water.

Balwinder comes to talk to Loveena. She says I know what crap you say. Balwinder instead compliments her. Badho has improved over past few days. She can even defeat Babita if she will continue playing like this only. You only think ill of me though. Please continue! Komal too has heard it and is surprised to hear Balwinder praising her. Seems like I have surely improved somewhat. I hope I succeed!

Kamla ji is wincing in pain. Pinki assures her they will find a way out of this. Kamla ji says we have lost many times already. Let’s check on Badho.

Lucky and Raghubir ji watch Komal and Badho practise. They praise her when she manages to have an upper hand over Loveena. Those villagers still haven’t left. They are surprised to see Badho wrestling well. We must inform everyone. Loveena praises Komal who thanks her back. Lucky is sure if Komal finds out about Babita’s tactics then she can surely win. Raghubir ji nods. I too had the same idea. If we show Komal the videos of Babita’s matches then she certainly will get some idea about her moves. Kamla ji vows to not let it happen at any cost.

Malti ji feeds laddoos to Komal while Jamuna ji and Payal are massaging her feet and shoulder. Komal says I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but it seems like I am in heaven right now. Malti ji shares that they kept a yagya for her fight. During Mahabharata fight, Krishna told Arjuna that winning and losing is not in our hands. Just give your heart to it and you will succeed. I want you to also not think about the result but just focus on your practise. Leave everything on God’s hands. Komal says I know that you all are also scared somewhat as a lot is on stake right now. For my family this isn’t just about me entering back in Akhada but Babu ji’s Akhada and Lucky ji’s wrestling. Something that belongs to everyone is at stake. I promise I will give my best and wont disappoint you. Malti ji happily hugs her. This is what I was explaining to you. Loveena tells her to chill. It is your rest day tomorrow so your body can recover and you can perform well in finals. You have to also use your brain during the fight. Komal agrees to rest tomorrow.

Raghubir ji lights a diya in before Bajrang Bali. I did whatever I could. I dint leave any stone unturned. I have no control over anything now. It’s in your hands now. Only one day is left now. I and this Akhada belong to you. Just keep our respect intact. Komal looks at him from far and also prays to God to listen to Babu ji. I promise you I will try my best to win tomorrow. Just don’t let Lucky ji and Babu ji leave their own Akhada! I request you Lord!

Precap: Ladies of village tell Komal that their husbands fathers have put their entire money on betting. They tell her to win the competition or all their future plans will be foiled. Komal is weighed down by their words. She passes out.

Written Update by Pooja

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