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Ayushaman Bhava 21st September 2017 Written Update: Madhav Gets Avi’s Case File

The Episode starts with Kailash getting sweets for Kaushalya. She gets medicines for him. They see a girl and miss Pragati. Kailash tells her that when they think about something always, it happens in our life, we will try to stay happy, then see everything will get fine. She agrees with him. They walk to home. They meet a constable Siddiqui, who asks them to come to his home sometime. Kaushalya goes to get some things from market. Kailash talks to Siddiqui.

Siddiqui tells about journalist Madhav trying to get Avi’s file, he wants to prove Avi’s innocence, I believe Avi was innocent, I will call this justice of Lord. Kailash thanks him for supporting them always. Kaushalya gets vegs. Kailash and Kaushalya leave. Siddiqui keeps Avi’s file outside Madhav’s house. Madhav gets the
case file and thinks who has kept it.

Siddiqui calls Kailash and says I have given Avi’s file to Madhav. Kailash says you did a risky thing. Siddiqui says its just for justice. Madhav tells Sudha about Avi’s file. Sudha gets shocked. Madhav opens the file and sees his pic. Krish does drawing in his room. Madhav studies the file. Sudha looks on. He asks do you want to say something. She says I don’t understand who left this file here. Madhav says why did Govind lie to us.

Rudra tells Kartik and Sudhir that Krish was staring at him when he went to his school. Kartik jokes on him. He says I hope Vikrant ends this peacefully. Sudhir says why did I come in this business. Kartik says for your ambition, you were jealous of Avi’s smartness and lover. Sudhir scolds him. Rudra asks them to stop arguing. Jatin comes there and says Avi’s file got missing. Sudhir says you and Govind made the file, everyone will think Avi committed suicide. They ask Jatin not to worry, as Vikrant will save them, he is always with them.

Its morning, Krish makes a drawing. Madhav takes pictures of Avi’s file papers. Sudha comes to him, and asks why do you want to know about Avi, Krish is hurt. Madhav says his pain is ours, I m doing this for Krish, if there is some connection with Avi, I have to find out. She says I m scared of all this. He says I will not let anything happen to him, Principal is busy in meeting. Inspector comes and says I have a search warrant, this school will be shut till kids safety is ensured. The kids are asked to leave. Principal tells everyone that school will be shut for few days. Madhav asks the reason. Inspector says its for kids safety. Siddiqui goes to talk to Madhav. He says I have given that file to you, you are an honest journalist, I hope you get justice for Avi. Govind looks on.

Sudha asks what’s this painting, Krish made this, what’s this place.

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