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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st January 2018 Written Update: Suman And Mandira Enter Dharam’s House As Maids

Tejaswini confronts Preeti and asks what did her family do to her. She says she loved Prem, but Prem never loved her. Preeti reminisces incident. Tejaswini says she befriended Mandira and betrayed our family, but family forgave her and even Arjun accepted her. She says Preeti must be hungry and feeds her favorite food. Preeti silently finishes food and walks to her room thinking if she is doing right or wrong. She reminisces Prem’s hatred for her, Arjun’s love, and then Anand insulting mamaji. She thinks she is doing right. She calls Rajvir and asks what she has to do next. Rajvir says her family is hiring maids, so she has to hire Mandir and Suman as maids.

Preeti walks to living room and sees Sunaina and Priyal interviewing people for maids. Suman
and Mandira enter wearing veils and say they know to cook and can do all household chores. Priyal says Preeti that she has interviewed them and even she should and hire them if she wants. Preeti hires them without questioning and takes them to kitchen. Suman says she will prepare food and mix poison to kill Dharam’s family, Mandira can go and do sweeping and cleaning. Mandira says she will not do low class jobs. Suman says she is Rajvir’s mother and Mandira should do as she says. Preeti asks not to fight, else family will know and they all will be in trouble. She takes Mandira aside. Mandira happily boasts that Dharam’s whole family will die now. Preeti asks if she will kill even Prem who is her son. Mandira says she gave birth to Prem and will take back his life. Prem passes by and asks what is she talking about. Preeti says she is explaining our house rules to maid. Mandira leaves.

Preeti walks to living room and hears elders talking about Vaishnodevi pilgrimage trip seeing all the issues happened at home. Sunaina praises Preeti that she is taking care of family well with Tejaswini and Prem. Tejaswini silently walks to kitchen. Dharam walks in and warns her that his enemies don’t survive, especially ones who are inside home, one who makes mistake ones is forgiven but not repeatedly. Sunaina hears their conversation.

Precap: Lawyer gives court notice to Dharam and says Rajvir has demanded to disown Prem from his properties. Tejawini speaks to Rajvir who asks if she did not see court notice. She says let us meet and speak. He agrees. Anand says Rajvir is very cruel. Tejaswini says it is part of her plan, but stops seeing Preeti.

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