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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th November 2017 Written Update: Dharam Returns!

Preeti panics seeing Dharam’s ghost. Tejaswini asks Preeti if she has any problem with Dharam. Arjun asks what is she telling and takes Preeti to their room. Prem and Tejaswini say time has come. Dharam comes and hugs them both. They both reminisces Dharam coming to acid godown when they fall towards acid tank and escape. They are surprised and happy seeing Dharam, run and hug him emotionally. At home Sarla cries holding Dharam’s garlanded pic. Tejawini and Prem walk in and smile. They move. Dharam comes in front. Sarla is surprised and emotional seeing Dharam. Dharam walks to her and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Sarla emotionally hug him. Tejaswini asks how did he escape bomb blast. Dharam reminisces the incident he doubted Mandira’s intentions after
she met him, so he took diamonds from Prem and went himself to deliver them. On the way, a man stops him and requests to drop him somewhere as his mother is ill. Dharam gets him into car. Man points gun at Dharam and orders to give whatever he has. He pushes Dharam from car and Dharam falls down the cliff and loses consciousness after hitting his head to the stone. Tejaswini asks that means goon got killed in bomb blast. Dharam says fishermen saved him and he was unscious for days, when he woke up, he read news about his family and wanted to meet them, but then he saw Preeti trying to kill Tejaswini and went to save them, he saw Preeti has fixed camera to record Prem and Tejaswini’s confession and recorded what Mandira wants to hear. Tejaswini says Mandira slapped Preeti after seeing video. He then praises Tejaswini that he did not do anything wrong by make her his legal heir. Prem and Sarla back him. Dharam asks what is her next plan. She says if he had come in front of family, Mandira would have faced her punishment, but Preeti would have escaped, so she has another plan.

Preeti panics in her room reminiscing seeing Dharam’s ghost. Mandira walks in and Preeti beats her in fear. Mandira shakes her and says its her. Preeti continues panicking. Arjun walks in and asks what happened to her.

Tejaswini walks suspiciously behind Mandira and leaves in her car. Mandira hears her and follows. Tejaswini stops her in the middle of car where Dharam’s car blasted. Mandira walks out and scoldswho is it, get the car away. She panics seeing Dharam and shouts in fear. Tejaswini comes and asks if she wants to die under her car, she may be Prem’s mother but nothing to her. She leaves in her car, leaving Mandira in the middle of road. Once she returns home, Prem says he left his mother on road, now she does not know what he will do to her and hugs her, gets romantic. Tejaswini moves aside and looks tensed. Prem asks what happened to her. Drama…continues…

Precap: Prem gives turmeric milk to Mandira and thinks this night is hell for her. Tantrik asks Mandira and Preeti to accept their crime if they have troubled Dharam’s soul. They agree. Tejaswini and Prem peep in from door and hope Mandira and Preeti accept their crime.

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