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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th September 2017 Written Update

Prem returns to his room heavily inebriated and says Tejaswini betrayed him and even he will betray her, he hates her. He does not find her in room and thinks she got afraid and ran away. He slips and falls on bed and falls asleep murmuring.

Tejaswini wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. She remembers Preeti hitting her from behind and tying her. She calls Preeti. Preeti comes and yells what magic she did not Prem that he loves her so much and strangulated my neck. She hits Tejawini again and says she will kill her. Tejaswini pleads to let her apologize Prem first. Preeti laughs and says Prem will never forgive her, gives her paper and pen and asks to write apology on it, she will hand it over to Prem. Tejaswini reminiscing lying and betraying Prem writes
apology letter. Prem wakes up and thinks he is bound to Tejaswini for 7 lives now and will punish her in all lives. Preeti takes apology note from Tejaswini and says she will use it as suicide note, she will enjoy killing her as Prem will not come to her unless Tejaswini dies. She continues venting her anger and shows poison bottle. Tejaswini pleads not to give her poison. Preeti forcefully feeds her poison. Tejawini’s mouth starts frothing.

Prem goes to living room and tells family that Tejaswini did not return home whole night. Dharam asks why did not he inform them before. Prem says she must have gone to her mother’s house, he will go and bring her. Sarla asks what is the use of bringing her back, she betrayed them all. Priyal and Sunaina back her and badmouth about Tejaswini. Prem walks away and reaches Shardha’s house, but does not find her there.

Sharda tells mamaji there is no need to call Tejaswini for pahgpheras. Mamaji says she is their daughter and it is her right to come here for paghpheras. Sharda says she does not want to meet someone who hates her husband and thinks he is wrong.

Preeti asks Tejaswini if she wants to meet Prem. Tejaswini lying on floor nods yes. Preeti calls Prem. Prem warns her not to call him again. She cries and says Tejaswini didi took poison. She brought her here and hit her head, she got unconscious, when she woke up, didi had consumed poison by then. Prem asks where is Tejaswini now. She says she will send address and smirks.

Precap: Preeti tells Tejaswini that she has given her a chance to die in Prem’s arms, frees Tejaswini. Prem enters and sees Tejaswini on floor.

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