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Agnifera 30th November 2017 Written Update: Rajjo Enters To Trouble Vidhvan’s Family

Ragini calls whole when her ordered washing machine arrives. She opens box and a woman emerges out of it. Family is shocked and ask who is she. Brij asks woman how did she come before him. Woman says she saw this box coming here and came in it. Anurag asks Brij who is this woman. Brij says she is his would be wife Rajjo. Woman continues her drama and asks family if they will not greet her. Revathi asks Brij what is this drama, send her right away. Woman burns crackers and says nobody is greeting her, so she is greeting herself. Vidhvan asks Brij to send this woman right now. Rajjo asks Vidhvan to stop fight and bless her. She says Brij always praises her bhabi and says she is very intelligent, but looks like Revathi is nothing in front of her. Anurag asks Brij to stop stop this drama.
Rajjo says he looks handsome like his chacha. She then says she knew this house has 2 bahus, so she brought gift for them. She says Shristi is a lawyer, so she brought toy for her, she can consoler her mentally challenged husband with this. Shristyi pushes toy. Rajjo falls on Brij and says her saiyanji saved her. She then gives toy gun to Ragini. Ragini says she can harm her even with this toy gun. Drama continues. Rajjo tries to enter house. Revathi stops her. Workers deliver washing machine and apologize for bringing rong box earlier and ask Vidhvan to pay washing machine bill. Vidhvan asks Revathi to not create drama in front of outsiders and let Rajjo in. Brij takes Rajjo in.

Brij takes Rajjo to his room. Rajjo says it is such a dirty, room how will she stay here, she flirts with him and asks to go and get her trunk. He leaves when she gives him flying kiss. She removes Brij’s wife Kamla’s photos. Brij asks what is she doing. She says he is keeping old age pics, she will fix new pics and takes out Angelina Jolie’s pic. Their drama continues.

Ragini in her room fumes that she will kill Rajjo. Anurag tries to calm her down. Shristi asks her not to do anything wrong and takes promise. Once they leave, Anurag says he will apply ice pack on her head to cool her brain and applies it. Ice falls into Ragini’s blouse. She jumps. Anurag says let him remove it. She says she will remove it himself. Their nok jhok continues.

Shristi thinks of finding a legal way to send out Rajjo. She tells Vishu if Kamla comes back, Brij cannot have second marriage before divorcing Kamla. Vishu says he hates divorce word and is missing his aunt Kamla a lot, she used to take care of him like her own child. Shristi then calls a law company and seeks job. Anurag brings new mobile and gifts her. She says she cannot take it. He says Vishu selected it. She goes to Vishu and thanks him. Their chatting continues….

Precap: Vidhvan scolds Rajjo why she is wearing cheap perfume. Rajjo asks to get habituated to it. Vidhvan says he had not worried about sanskars,
he would have slapped her. Brij says Vidhvan cannot misbehave with Rajjo. Police comes to arrest Rajjo and says she cannot stay forcefully in someone’s house.

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